A Look Inside Restoration Hardware’s Private Jet

Private jets aren’t just a representation of success or an embodiment of luxury, they are as immaculate and breathtakingly beautiful as they are utilitarian. The world of private jets is an expansive one, with jets decked out to accommodate the diverse needs of everyone from entrepreneurs and corporate charters, to celebrities and investors.

Yet, every so often even those within the industry and who partake in the lifestyle can be impressed.

Gary Friedman, the President and CEO of Restoration Hardware, remarked that entrepreneurs are of a different breed nowadays. However, the one constant is their resolve to transform their business into an undeniable success story on the global playing field.

Along the way, Friedman clarifies, that entrepreneurs try to scale what he likes to call “the mountain of luxury.” With success comes wealth, and with wealth comes a pressure and a want for the best. From sports cars to multi-million-dollar beachfront property, and yes, even private jets.

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This mountain of wealth is a visual representation of the success not just of the company, but that of its customers or clients, the true measurement of business success.

“It’s hard to imagine something you haven’t seen before,” said Gary Friedman in a July Zoom meeting. Yet he sought to continue his company’s climb up the mountain of luxury, kicking things into high gear with the recent conception of their RH One, the company’s first fully designed private jet.

The 12-passenger Gulfstream G650, which is available for charter, is a radical starting point for the luxury quality of the brand. Simultaneously, it is a natural extension of the brand’s basic design ethos, founded in the Vitruvian principles of balance, symmetry, and proportion.

This unique cabin is entirely clad in brushed European pale white oak and is more reminiscent of huge luxury ocean liners than that of modern aircraft. More importantly, though, it is a technical marvel which has never been tried before.

Bringing out the fullness and enriching the sophistication of the cabin is the intricate details done in stainless steel, a juxtaposition against the fine white oak interior. A dozen sophisticated lounge chairs, each with fine charcoal linen upholstery complement the hand-tufted flooring while also mimicking the rich metallic paint on the exterior of the private jet. The exterior of the aircraft also has a champagne-hued undercarriage to draw attention to the shapely design of RH One, enhancing its natural beauty as a piece of aeronautical machinery. www.senpaisquad.net Overall, these elements all bring a sense of wonder and luxury while tying in key components of both the exterior and interior design.

The absolute most critical piece of design with Restoration Hardware’s private jet is to ensure the cabin allows passengers to relax. The designers accomplished this by removing as many distractions as possible and keeping the interior simple, clean, and attractive.

Normally, hours are lost in the transition of travelling to and from locations while in standard or public transportation. It is expected that the innovation of Restoration Hardware will double as high-level employees are able to continue their work in RH One with an environment free of interruption and distraction.

Gary Friedman and the rest of the Restoration Hardware team have a busy season ahead of them, so this extra time in the sky will be perfect for their company. From new projects, to building a private yacht, the new Restoration Hardware guesthouse, an Aspen enclave, and an ambitious expansion into Europe, there is a lot of work to do. All this and more will eventually be live on the World of RH, the new digital platform of the brand, which will be launched in the following months.

It may surprise even the biggest supporters of the brand that, as Friedman points out, in the Meatpacking District, the much-awaited RH Guesthouse New York will defy all expectations and imaginations. The brand’s planned home in Champs-Élysées rejects street access in favor of antique iron gates leading guests down a hedged path towards a rear courtyard with 18 feet doorways. Meanwhile, in Oxfordshire, Restoration Hardware will be transforming a Grade I 1615 estate by architect Sir John Soane into a destination gallery, with a library of design and architectures and a café in the orangerie.

Some may think it too remote and isolated a location and there is concern about whether it will turn out enough guests to warrant the cost, but Gary Friedman believes that is how we innovate, by being uncomfortable. He states, “Whenever you do the obvious, you’re never gonna surprise and delight.”

In our current position in history, no commodity is as precious as time and privacy. Restoration Hardware aspires to offer a system of goods, sites, services, and spaces, instead of an inventory of furniture and equipment. In a final statement, Friedman reiterates that they aim to do what has never been done before and, “We do what we love with people we love for people who love what we do.” He believes the sky’s the limit for Restoration Hardware.

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