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BitLux values safety above all else when it comes to private jet charter.
Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, top-tier service to all clients in every aspect of their private travel. To date, with years of experience, the BitLux Safety Record is flawless.

BitLux Service Experience

BitLux is one of the leading brokers for private jet charter flights. Since our beginning only a few years ago, we have changed the way that private jet charter is handled. We believe that by ensuring that our clients experience the best service possible, using the safest standards and highest ethics, our efforts will result in a long and fruitful running in the aviation industry.

We have access to a wide variety of jets located all around the world. By having such a vast amount of aircraft to pick from, our clients are able to choose a plane that suits them best. We facilitate the use of these jets to clients all over the globe, at all times of the day. We boast a 24/7 charter service where you can book a charter plane whenever and wherever you are in need. Since our beginning, the quality of our service has improved thanks to our rigorous staff training, the progression of our safety standards, and the understanding of client needs. We are proud to know that our charter flights service every major city and most countries across the world.

Main Goals

At BitLux our main goal is to become more than a resource for private jet charter. We strive to be a client’s extension for success. The unique technology that we use is integrated with thousands of registered aircraft across the globe.

Once you submit your flight request with us, our private jet charter staff will get to work on providing you with a formal quote on your request. Safety comes first with BitLux and we ensure that privacy is paramount in our operations.

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | History We keep our clients safe by holding an ARG/US Registered Broker rating, personal inspection of aircraft and crew, and all in-flight staff is held the highest level of standards when catering for clients. All pilots on BitLux jet charter flights are expertly trained and are held to the highest industry to ensure that they are able to fly the top-level of private aircraft.

ATP Pilot Certification

Pilots are trained to the highest of FAA and global regulation standards, personally inspecting your charter jet before every single flight and then once after landing. Safety must also come from the ground and this is done by our data security measures. As client data is often sensitive, we ensure that this data is held within our secure network that cannot be compromised or seen by personnel outside of the company. We keep client data secure by using a high level of encryption and various firewalls that the data is stored behind. The focus that BitLux has on security influences our decision on organization, hiring staff, and choosing which partners to work with.

Safety Experience

BitLux is truly committed to providing clients with a 100% safe private charter jet experience. Security, along with privacy is paramount to our clients, so we ensure we do whatever is possible to provide this security. Our uncompromising dedication to aviation safety is what differentiates us.

Peace of Mind

BitLux clients and partners alike experience a calming peace of mind knowing that each operator we use has been thoroughly vetted and up to the BitLux Standard. All operators that we trust with our clientele have the crew experience, record, and dedication to keeping that record, that we value the most.

Best offers

As our clients are often high-net worth individuals, politicians, or renowned celebrities in their field, it is extremely important to ensure privacy is maintained throughout the journey for our clients. This privacy is impossible to find when traveling on commercial airlines or even shared private charter planes. BitLux is a certified ARG/US aviation company, which is the highest in industry standards. Not to mention, BitLux services comply with the highest level of scrutiny within the aircraft sector.


We combine custom technology and innovation with a team of highly-skilled, trained and passionate aviation experts. This added to our 24/7 flight team means that clients receive a level of quality that is not seen with most other charter jet companies.

Part 135 Aircraft Operators

Our company prioritizes aircraft and operators by their auditing certifications. We do not work with aviation companies that are not associated with the high level of in-flight quality that BitLux offers. Also, we look at specific factors when deciding whether to work with another operator or not. These are the factors that BitLux takes into consideration:

  • ARG/US (Gold, Gold+, Platinum) only
  • Wyvern
  • IS-BAO
  • ATP Piloting Certification
  • Time in operation
  • Age of aircraft
  • Number of hours in aircraft

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Whether you are flying for business or leisure, BitLux provides a top tier private jet service and we’re happy to assist in any way that we can. We provide top-notch safety, service, aircraft selection, and experience with private jet charter. public-use, those with commercial enplanements recorded by the FAA or airports assigned an IATA airport code.

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