Are Pets Allowed on Private Jets?

What Pets Can I Bring on a Private Jet?

If you are a pet owner, you have likely experienced difficulty traveling with your non-human companions in many ways. Hotels can be picky. Commercial airlines often make pets fly in kennels in the cargo hold. Even service animals are often looked at with suspicion and distaste from fellow passengers.

Quite to the contrary, the vast majority of pets are welcome on most private charters. Some services even encourage the practice. Pets always fly in the main cabin with you, with exceptions for size and safety. Aquatic pets and large animals, such as draft horses and exotic cats, represent logistical challenges and safety concerns that cannot be reasonably mitigated. If you absolutely must travel with a tank of electric eels, perhaps it would be better to travel by road.

With that in mind, it is absolutely ok to bring dogs and cats of all types along with you, and they are generally welcome to be free within the cabin, although exotic pets such as birds or reptiles are usually handled on a case by case basis. It is important to note that some charter companies suggest opting for a larger plane if you have a large breed of dog since cramped spaces quickly become a problem.

Bring Only Healthy Pets!

We can’t stress enough: Don’t bring a sick or injured pet on an airplane. This doesn’t mean that if Fido has a daily heart medication, he can’t come with you to Tulus or Boca, but if your furry friend has been vomiting or had the poops, it’s better for them and the cleaning crew if Fluffy stays home this time. You wouldn’t want your sick pet to require emergency attention four hours into a nine-hour flight, and you certainly don’t want to breathe air in the same cabin as a Doberman with diarrhea. If your pet appears ill, please visit a vet; don’t get on a jet.

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So how do dogs go to the bathroom on a plane?

Even on a private jet, a long-distance takes a long time to travel, and while every private charter in service all but guarantees washrooms on all of their planes, for their bipedal clients, very few offer a place for your pooch to relieve herself. It is generally advised to bring pee-pads along with you, so that when your sweetheart needs to go, you can have a clean way to collect the waste. If your pet remains in a crate or kennel for the flight, line their crate with the training pads, and preferably insert a waterproof lining or bed to prevent messes.

Do Their Ears Pop?

Veterinarians also remind us that dogs’ and cats’ ears function the same as humans’ do. The animal can experience severe pain and distress, sometimes even sustaining an injury to their inner ear, if we do not help them to equalize the pressure. The suggested method is to periodically offer a treat and water to your pet throughout ascent and descent. This equalizes the pressure in their ears, just like when we humans “pop” our ears.

This is necessary because dogs and cats simply do not understand what an airplane is, or that it’s flying and most certainly do not know how to clear their ears.

Creature Comforts For Your Creature:

  • Make the switch to a harness instead of a throat collar. Harnesses often cut  down on anxiety in dogs, and are safer for your pet in the event of an emergency.
  • Don’t forget bedding and comfort items such as a dog bed, sweater, or blanket. Staying warm and cozy helps every aerophobe deal with the anxiety of flying. Always remember, that animal has no idea what is going on.
  • Smuggle along more treats than you think you need unless your pet is a python. She can no doubt last the flight without eating.
  • Pack at least one toy. Anxious pets often destroy things, as every dog or cat owner will confirm, and bringing a toy is cheaper than paying to reupholster a charter jet lounge chair.

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Bring Food and Water!

Most Importantly, when you are traveling with your pet, especially on a private jet, don’t forget to bring their dishes, along with food and water. They need it as much as they need you.

If you do forget to bring food and water or don’t want the hassle of lugging a full suitcase around just for rover, the staff members will usually fetch what you need and have it ready before you board the plane. Plan ahead to accommodate your companion, but you can delegate the hassle to your charter staff if you’d like. Private charter flight attendants are almost always willing to accommodate your specific needs, no matter how small or trivial they may seem, and when it comes to our pets, don’t we all go above and beyond the call of duty to make them happy?

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Fly Safely With Pets

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