Difference Between First Class and Business Class

We see a lot of people confused about the differences that exist between business class and first class. Although not as pronounced as the differences between first class and economy, there are a few considerable differences worth noting prior to booking your next flight.

The key to differentiating first class and business class is starting with the general understanding of the overall focus and appeal of each class. Simply put, a first-class trip is geared towards luxury, opulence, and style, while a business class trip is geared towards practicality and, well, business.

If you think of first class as a high society mansion in Laguna Beach and business class as a cozy townhouse in the suburbs, then you will have a solid foundation of how the two classes differ. And when it comes to airplane divisions, the devil really is in the details.

Business Class

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Business class is designed for business and wrapped with convenience. You get what you pay for, so while you’re not spending 6 times the amount of money for a first class ticket, you also have more luxury and comfort than the economy class has.

So, what exactly are you getting with a business class trip?


Traveling in the business class lounge entitles you to a comfortable pre-flight experience. The lounge includes desk spaces, quiet areas for relaxation or work-related tasks, and cell phone charging station. Because this section is generally geared toward the busy working man, business class lounges gives you the opportunity to continue working with minimal disruption.


After boarding the airplane, the layout of the business class seating is very much like what you see in most movies: window seats, a crowd of people in one section, a small bathroom, and a long aisle. This may seem a bit dull at first glance, but since business class seating is meant for comfort and convenience, this section is usually pretty comfortable for executives and busy bees.

Business class entitles you to comfortable seats with spacious leg and arm room, which truly makes a huge difference that even workaholics approve of. There are overall minimal distractions, but if you happen to be easily distracted, your seat also comes equipped with earphones or headphones.

Food and Drink

The food and drink options are not quite as glorious as a 3-course meal at a 5-star restaurant, but you still have decent options.

For example, most business class travelers are offered a selection of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, which is already more than what a cheaper section has to offer.

When it comes to food, business class is designed to accommodate dietary needs and are very up to par with allergy requirements. You are entitled to meal choices that are of above the standard quality of food, and if the chef happens to be in a particularly chipper mood, the presentation may be pleasing as well.

Depending on the airline, some business class sections offer amenity kits, lie-down beds, and even private pods. All in all, business class travel is an above average expected complete with faster check-in times, personal special treatment, and of course, entertainment in the form of movies and tv shows.

First Class

First class airplane tickets are specifically designed for luxury, extra special treatment, and all in all, a deluxe experience. First class travelers enjoy the fact that the “destination is the journey.”

So, what are the perks of traveling first class?


The pre-board lounges resemble that of a hotel suite. The lounges offer massages and facials from their glorious spa options as well as world-famous top chef meals. First class travelers also received personal escorts that walk them from the lounge to the plane. 


One of the best aspects of first class traveling is the seating. The seats are not your typical airplane chairs that you would normally see in any other class — in fact, most first class sections offer luxurious couches, reclining loveseats, and chairs, and all in all, you will get about 30 extra inches of leg and arm room than business class offers. For even more privacy, a first class section gives you the option of privacy pods that turn into flat beds and are completed with very expensive but extremely fluffy comforters, blankets, and pillows. This is perfect for overnight traveling!

Furthermore, passengers will receive a full amenity kit as well as a brand new set of pajamas and slippers. 

Food and Drink

Perhaps the best aspect of being a passenger in first class is the food! Only the best chefs from around the world are welcome to cook for first class travelers, and they are known to put their signature dishes on the extensively detailed menu. If you happen to have specific dietary requirements, first class chefs allow passengers to order their food ahead of time and the chef will prepare the meal to their exact specifications.

There is a constant flow of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage options with only top-shelf bottles of your favorite cocktail. Depending on the airline, you may be shocked to find that first class sections may have cocktail bars for travelers to drink upscale beverages and wine while mingling with other passengers.

First class offers priority check in and boarding, over-the-top personal attention from flight attendants complete with double the staff of other classes, and top-tier entertainment. First class ensures only the most luxurious traveling experience possible.

No Matter How You Prefer to Fly, Private is the Way 

Business class and first class have their perks, and are certainly the better option if you have to fly ‘commercial’. But what if you could get the best of first class and business class, along with an array of custom amenities catered to your every need.

At Bitlux, our concierge private jet charters blend convenience and privacy, with unmatched luxury and tailored accommodations to suit any need or preference. From romantic getaways, to business conferences and meetings, flying private has perks that go well beyond those of first and business class travel.

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