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Different Types Of Jet AirCraft

The world of private jets is full of variations, makes and models each uniquely engineered and designed to fulfill specific roles.

From small, nimble jets, ideal for short-range travel, to massive executive airliners outfitted with private bedrooms and capable of international flights, this guide will explore different types of jet craft.

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Jet Craft Basics 

Jet aircrafts are outfitted with single or multiple gas-turbine powered engines. These engines provide the thrust necessary to propel the craft forward and of the ground. Powered by specialized jet fuel, these aircrafts are capable of flying faster than traditional airplanes. 

Jets typically fly at altitudes that are either above (40,000 feet) or below (20,000-25,000 feet) the altitudes commercial airliners usually travel at.

The size, cargo capability, amenities, passenger capacity, features and more all vary wildly between jet types.

Things to Consider: Cost to Rent a Jet One For a Day

Popular Jet Aircraft Manufacturers:

  • Boeing
  • Airbus
  • Gulfstream
  • Bombardier
  • Eclipse
  • Cessna
  • Embraer 
  • Dassault Falcon Jet
  • Beechcraft
  • Emivest Aerospace

Classification and Types of Jet Craft

With dozens of private business and executive class jets available on the market today, narrowing down your options can be a daunting task for even the most astute of travelers.

One of the easiest ways to classify jets is by:

  • Ultra-Light
  • Light
  • Midsize
  • Super-midsize
  • Large (heavy or ‘bizliner’ jets)

Sorting Jets by Specific Business Needs:

  • Number and type of passengers
  • Accommodations and amenities needed in-flight
  • Destination / Distance
  • Other travel considerations 
  • Required airport accessibility 

Very Light Jets

Very light jets are the smallest of private jets, providing a nimbleness and agility that can’t be had with larger models. These jet crafts are capable of accessing even the smallest of airports, safely landing on shorter runways and provide both flexibility and speed of travel. Very light jets are often the preferred mode of transportation on flights of up to a few hours and for state to state travel.

Examples: Embraer Phenom 100 and the Cessna Citation Mustang 

Passenger Capacity: 4-6

In-Cabin Amenities: Limited (some have bathrooms)

Flight Range: Around 1,000 miles

Speed: up to 480 mph

Unique Features: Easily access small airports with shorter runways. Agile. 

2. Light Business Jets

With additional intra-continental capabilities and amenities, yet nimble enough to land at most smaller airports, light business jets provide a nice balance between size, affordability and function. Able to fly for up to around five hours, light business jets are ideal for transcontinental travel but are not capable of crossing oceans.

Examples: Hawker Beechcraft 400, Dassault Falcon 10, Bombardier Learjet 40 CR

Passenger Capacity: 5-6

In-Cabin Amenities: Air conditioning, electronics, reclining seats and more

Flight Range: Up to around 1500 miles non-stop

Speed: Cruising speeds reaching 400-450 mph

Unique Features: Able to land on shorter runways, access to smaller airports, moderate comfort and amenities.

3. Midsize Business Jet

This category evolved out of a need to accommodate both larger passenger capacity as well as transcontinental flight. Considered a favorite among the business crowd, these midsize jets provide numerous in-cabin amenities to enhance productivity and offer increased space and comfort for long flights. Ideal for transatlantic flights, these jets are typically capable of flying for between 5-7 hours straight.

Examples: Embraer Legacy 450 and 500, Hawker Beechcraft 750, Cessna Citation XLS and Sovereign, Gulfstream 150 and 250.

Passenger Capacity: 5-10

In-Cabin Amenities: Additional comfort, productivity-focused layouts, electronics and space

Flight Range: 2000-3000 miles non-stop

Speed: 430-480 mph

Unique Features: Pressurized cabin for increased comfort at-altitude, still capable of landing at smaller airports, all planes have a lavatory, and additional amenities for in-flight work.

4. Super Midsize Business Jet

Featuring a wide body design, super-midsize business jets meld speed, luxury and productivity with long-range flight capability. These aircrafts can comfortably climb to optimal altitudes for long-range travel with ease. Combining the best features of larger jets with the economy of smaller aircrafts makes this class a highly competitive one in the market.

Examples: Hawker Beechcraft 4000, Gulfstream G250, Dassault Falcon 2000S

Passenger Capacity: 8-10

In-Cabin Amenities: Luxurious accommodations, elite amenities, ample space

Flight Range: 3400-3600 miles

Speed: 490-590 mph

Unique Features: Fast, spacious, fuel-efficient, capable of intercontinental travel, outfitted with a myriad of amenities and engineered for comfort and utility.

5. Large Business Jets and Heavy (Bizliner) Jets

Sometimes dubbed “Bizliners”, these monstrosities represent the biggest and most well-outfitted of private jets. Uniquely engineered and designed for international business travel, they often feature robust and amenity-rich cabins, dedicated workspaces, full-service galleys, and conference rooms. 

Examples: Gulfstream G500, Bombardier Global, Airbus and Boeing Business Jet models

Passenger Capacity: 10-18+

In-Cabin Amenities: Tailored to the needs of the business. Typically outfitted with cutting edge technology, dedicated workspaces, plush seating, food prep/quarters and more.

Flight Range: 6000+ miles

Speed: 480-560 mph

Unique Features: Highly customizable to meet the unique needs of a business. Can operate in most weather conditions flying at higher altitudes. Luxurious, spacious and chocked full of amenities for comfort and work.

The Ideal Aircraft for You, Your Business, or Next Trip

As you’ve gathered from this guide, jet crafts are divided into unique classes, each with their own set of features, amenities and capabilities. 

The best way to narrow your search is to detail the important aspects of your travel itinerary, as well as any needs or wants that must be accommodated.

Ask Yourself:

  • Where is the destination?
  • How many miles is that destination from your launch point?
  • How many passengers do you need to accommodate?
  • What types of luggage and how much is needed?
  • What types of amenities are “must haves” (such as workspace)?
  • What types of amenities are “nice to have” but not deal breakers?

At Bitlux our private jet charter specialists can help you explore the best options for your next trip. Whether for business or pleasure, Bitlux is ready to serve. With a reputation built on world-class performance, above and beyond service, an unbeatable safety record and a true dedication to excellence, you can’t go wrong when flying with Bitlux.

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