Take a Look Inside the Emirates A319 Private Jet

Inside Emirates AirBus A319 Luxury Private Jet

The Embodiment of Luxury – 41,000ft in the air

Internationally acclaimed, Emirates represents the largest airline of the United Arab Emirates. Headquartered in Garhoud, Dubai, the airline boasts over 3600 weekly flights from its Dubai International Airport hub. From there Emirates services flights to more than 150 cities spread across 80 countries and six continents. The company operates a mixed fleet including Boeing wide-body and Airbus aircrafts. 

Known for luxurious flights accommodating the upscale needs of discerning travelers, its executive lines are engineered to impress.

In this expose we take a closer look inside one of their top-of-the-line private jets: the AirBus A319.

AirBus A319 Quick Facts:

  • Can carry up to 19 passengers
  • Can sleep up to 15 passengers
  • Highly configurable to meet the unique needs of passengers
  • Ideal for business or pleasure 
  • Capable of up to 8 hours non-stop flight
  • Relaxing shower spa
  • High-tech In-flight entertainment 
  • Options for a custom lounge, private restaurant, and boardroom 
  • Cabin size: 5,843 CU FT.
  • Range 6100 miles
  • Price New: $73 million

Unparalleled Luxury: even by Emirates’ standards

The AirBus A319, also known as the AirBus ACJ319 (AirBus Corporate Jet 319), has been a valued part of Emirates Executive fleet dating back as far as 2013. Although the aircraft has undergone several upgrades and iterations since it’s debut off of the factory line in Hamburg, Germany, it has always been a model that has screamed luxury from day one.

Doting the registration A6-CJE, the ACJ319 is a true marvel of modern aviation. Engineered to perfection in every category, this private jet features a broad range of amenities for both work and play. From onboard entertainment to holding boardroom meetings, the A319 helps its passengers get more done or comfortably pass the time until reaching their destination.

Impressive Customization and Personalized Configuration

The A319 caters to a broad spectrum of passengers, from executive business travelers to vacationers and everyone in-between. No matter if for work, pleasure, or some combination of both, the interior of this magnificent private jet can be customized to meet all needs and exceed expectations at every turn.

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Capable of accommodating up to 19 passengers with the right configuration, and sleeping up to 15, this private jet perfectly melds usability with luxury and comfort. Popular configurations include setups for a private restaurant, robust conference room, spacious lounges outfitted with an array of entertainment options, and more.

World-Class Entertainment 

The AirBus A319 ensures no passenger suffers from boredom. It’s cabin is outfitted with the latest technology, including WiFi, mobile services, state of the art video, and connectivity to up to 1600 channels of on-demand entertainment viewable on 32” screens in private viewing areas or on larger connected screens in lounge or business areas.

All of which makes the experience aboard the A319 private jet an immersive experience with TV, movies, games, internet and music just a tap or click away.

Fine Dining in the Clouds

All that jet setting around the world can leave passengers ravenous. Luckily, the AirBus A319 can be outfitted with a world-class mini-restaurant onboard. Passengers can enjoy delectable meals with gourmet cuisine hand-selected and custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of everyone onboard. From business lunches, to family ‘banquet style’ meals or an intimate dinner between couples, virtually any need can be met.

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Business Amenities 

For business travelers, the ability to conduct meetings and maintain forward momentum is often mission-critical. Yet some private jets just don’t have what it takes to conduct ‘business as usual’ mid-air. This is where the AirBus A319 shines, brining together flexibility and convenience with modern business solutions designed to help passengers get more done no matter where in the world they are jet setting off to.

Living quarters can be converted into private office spaces, and lounges into well-equipped executive board rooms. Pulling out all the stops, board rooms can be arranged with a conference table, WiFi, in-flight telephone and mobile service, and a cutting-edge video conferencing system. 

In no time you’ll be Flying Private Like Bill Gates.

Personalized Private Space

Whether you need a nap to recharge, or simply a place to clear your head and relax, the AirBus A319 makes it possible to passengers to retreat into their own little world, absent of the noise and commotion of the rest of the cabin. Oversized private suites feature calming ambient lighting, privacy doors, full flat bed seats, a 32-inch personal TV and a minibar, among other entertainment options.

Customizable Lounge Area

Ample living space might not be a passenger’s first request when flying, but it’s a welcome oasis during lengthy flights. Whether for leisure, family travel or business, the A319 boasts ample space to work and play. It’s cabin can be arranged to accommodate an expansive lounging area perfect for stretching your legs, conversating with fellow passengers, enjoying in-flight entertainment or getting some work done.

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Rejuvenating Shower Spa

Long flights can leave guests feeling less than fresh. For those who wish to clean up before landing, the A319 features a rejuvenating shower spa and separate powder room. In true luxury fashion, the room is adorned with classic walnut finishes and marble surfaces. 

Capable for Short and Mid-range Flights 

The AirBus A319 perfectly melds efficiency, safety, and reliability, with mid-range flight capabilities. The aircraft is rated to handle non-stop air travel of up to 8 hours without the need to re-fuel. This makes the private jet a favorite for discerning luxury travelers flying to destinations within a range of around 6100 miles. 

For reference, this means passengers can enjoy breakfast at a Middle East Café, conduct an important business conference mid-flight, and land safely in Europe in time to enjoy a delectable meal at their favorite restaurant.

The Emirates AirBus A319 – in a class of its own

Emirates is known for its upscale service and unparalleled experience aboard it’s flights. If ever there was a private jet capable of meeting (and daresay exceeding) the standard of service needed to cater to the wealthy elite, the AirBus A319 is it. Web Site

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