What Food is Served Aboard a Private Jet?

What Food Can I Have On A Private Jet?

We all know and love airplane food, although mostly as a joke for unambitious stand-up comedians. Dinky peanut packets and tiny cups of strung out coffee have been a staple of air travel and air travel jokes for as long as most of us have been alive. Most of us have wondered, however: How does the other half live? Or rather: How does the 1% party?

Catering on Private Jets: The Real Perk

Private jets are known for a different reputation. Whether it’s a Canadian rapper touring in a customized 767 or a charter hired for a once in a lifetime golf pilgrimage to the Master’s in Augusta, the images in our minds of the culinary delights one could consume on a private jet are astoundingly different from our expectations when flying commercial. 

To make matters worse for the rest of us, commercial flyers among us don’t even get their peanut packets and coffee anymore due to concerns over the COVID-19 Virus. Although, to be fair, it is probably much easier, albeit less necessary, to implement social distancing guidelines on a private jet. 

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Food, Wine, and Fine Dining, in the Sky

So food is better on these fancy flights, but how exactly? Well, it is undoubtedly not some glorified drink cart slinging single packaged mini-sodas. When you’re flying private, the sky’s the limit, if you’ll pardon the pun. You run the show, so you get to make the call, but there are some established norms. 

Most private charters have at least a small kitchen and catering team. For shorter flights, they are delighted to provide lighter fare such as cold platters of charcuterie, fresh fruit, sandwiches, sushi, sashimi, and other small snacks.


What Is on the Private Charter Menu?

You can have anything you want if you call ahead. However, because most folks don’t bother to do that, most private aircraft kitchens maintain a limited menu. We find that most private jet kitchens menus, while limited, are usually quite varied, containing anything from smoked salmon to champagne, penne to pumpkin pie. These kitchens are known to provide fresh food of Michelin quality, so you can be assured whatever may be on the menu when you board, it will be a culinary experience worth having.

If you need a more substantial meal for a short flight, it can always be arranged, but it may need to be catered and arranged in advance. Longer flights often depend on the chartering agency, with some services even plating extravagant gourmet meals for a quite literal jetliner full of guests at a time. 

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Food in Flight: What to Order

There is no definitive guide for this, but experienced travelers recommend light, easily digested foods. We’re all familiar with the drowsy hours after a large meal, and combining that with jet lag is no fun. In general, stick with light fare, sure, but sometimes there’s something to celebrate. 

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Celebrate Good Times

A tasteful experience on a private charter plane can always be tailored to your specific event or celebration. Of course, different charter services operate differently, but most will take great care and pleasure in making sure your celebration is executed perfectly.

Engagement soirees, birthday parties, and other catered events, all routinely take place at 35,000 feet these days, and if you want your wedding reception to be special, you want an intimate party and elegant dinner, drifting high above the clouds as you cut the cake. If that’s not what you’re looking for, don’t worry. There are always more standard options on the menu, and nobody expects every flight to be a party. 

Fly Private And Dine Well Onboard

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