How to Get the Best Price On a Private Jet

Flying on a private jet was once a luxury reserved for the ultra-wealthy and elite. Luckily, for the rest of us, things have changed quite a bit in the space.

Today, demand for private jet travel and advancements in technology have helped to evolve the market into one that is much more approachable and affordable than in the past.

Although private jet charters will never be cheaper than flying coach on a large commercial carrier, there are some things you can do to make sure that you’re getting the best price on your charter and more value for every dollar spent.

How to Get a Deal On a Private Jet Flight

Most people still think that private jet charters aren’t affordable. That’s simply not the case anymore. Below we cover the top ways to get the best deal and save more on your next flight.

1. Membership Clubs

One of us! One of Us! 

A private jet membership gives you access to a fleet of private jets, so you can fly whenever and wherever you want without the cost of one-off charters. Some private jet companies offer membership options that enable those on a budget who fly frequently to get what is akin to wholesale rates on flights. These memberships often come with other perks as well, such as various in-flight amenities.

2. Flying on Standby

Hang Tight and Get the Best Price Possible 

Many travelers are familiar with the concept of ‘standby’ on large airlines. Essentially you have a standing reservation for a flight at dirt cheap prices, but only get to take that flight if someone else bows out or can’t make it. IF your schedule allows for that kind of flexibility, you may be able to work with your charter provider to keep you on speed dial for any openings that come up. 

3. Travel Dates

Avoid Popular Travel Dates and Seasons 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the cost to travel during the holidays and on weekends comes at a premium. Similarly, price fluctuations can make private jet flights either cheaper or more affordable depending on the seasonality of flights to certain destinations around the world. Flying during the offseason will almost always save you money on tickets, however, doing so may be more challenging if you’re attempting to organize travel with relatives.

4. Semi-Private and/or Group Buys 

The More the Merrier! 

Traveling is better with friends, colleagues, and/or loved ones. And that’s good news for your wallet. Private jet charters become considerably more affordable when the price is split with others.

Private jets are capable of carrying between 8-50+ passengers (depending on jet size), making it easy to split the bill.

Ask your private jet provider if they offer semi-private flights where you can pay for a seat aboard another person’s reservation. 

5. Plan Ahead 

Eliminate Last Minute Trips

When possible, try to avoid booking last minute. In fact, booking your flights a month or so in advance is an easy way to save big on airfare. 

Research has shown that the best time to book to get the best price ranges between 4 months to 3 weeks prior to the departure date.

6. Consider Downsizing  

When it Comes to Private Jets, Size Does Matter

The smallest private jets are the most reasonably priced options for charter flights. These aircraft are great for business travelers, those flying inside Europe, or those flying within the bounds of a single country due to their small size and limited range.

Small jets aren’t just less expensive to book, they are less expensive to operate, requiring fewer flight staff, more affordable upkeep and maintenance, and lower fuel costs. All of which translates to a more affordable charter.

7. Ask About ‘Empty Leg’ Opportunities   

A Great Opportunity for the Best Price on Private Jet Travel 

Empty leg flights are those flights that are ‘empty’. This often happens when a client pays for a 1-way trip, or when a jet is being shuttled to a hanger in a different location.

In these situations, there is often a fantastic opportunity to get the best price on a private jet flight. The only downside is that these flights are almost always ONE WAY. Even so, its an opportunity worth exploring. 

Some services may even let you opt into a list or alert where you can be notified any time a relevant flight pops up for availability.

8. Know the Market   

Gain a Better Understanding of Fair Prices and Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

The price of a private jet charter flight may vary widely based on a number of factors, but in general, the smaller the jet, the lower the hourly fee. Rates for chartered turboprops generally begin at about $2,000 per hour, while those for chartered large jets approach $10,000 per hour.

Similar to any big purchase, knowing what the ‘going rates’ are for flights on private jets will help you find the best price that won’t hurt the wallet, but also doesn’t skimp on the services and amenities you require.

Don’t be afraid to shop around or negotiate a bit. 

9. Understand Wants vs Needs

“Can’t Always Get What You Want, But if Try Sometimes, You Just Might Find, You Get What You Need” – Rolling Stones

Take inventory of the amenities and services you need. From conference and work areas, to in-flight entertainment and food. Work with the charter service to custom tailor an experience that fits with your budget, eliminating unnecessary services while ensuring your needs are fully met.

Final Thoughts on Getting the Best Price on a Private Jet Charter;

Private jet travel might be more expensive than flying coach, but today prices have gone down significantly, making private jet charters both accessible and affordable for the vast majority of travelers.

Combined with proper planning, and following the tips in this guide, you too can get in on some of the best prices on private jet charters.

Ready to learn more? Let us know how we can help. 

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