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Chartering Private Jets To And From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Private Jet Charter Flights To Fly Out Of Buenos Aires, Argentina

As the adage suggests, “all’s well that ends well,” we believe a perfect conclusion is key to a truly memorable experience. To deliver such an experience, our fleet of impeccably serviced aircraft affords you a luxurious and efficient trip, meeting your every requirement along the way.

Travelers looking to board international flights can do so via Ministro Pistarini International Airport, also known as Ezeiza International Airport. It is the most preferred airport to fly out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, located 20 miles from downtown Buenos Aires. Once you’ve relished this beautiful city to your heart’s content, we’ll fly you back on our lavish private air charters to end your trip perfectly!

Cities Neighboring Ministro Pistarini International Airport

  • Within 10 miles: El Jaguel, Ciudad Evita, Ezeiza
  • Within 10 15 miles: Monte Grande, San Justo, La Tablada, Isidro Casanova
  • Within 15 20 miles: Lomas de Zamora, Villa Fiorito, Rafael Castillo, Burzaco, Villa Centenario, Longchamps, Virrey del Pino, Temperley

Airports in and around Buenos Aires, Argentina

The following is a list of some popular airports in and around Buenos Aires, Argentina:

Jorge Newbery Airfield (AEP / SABE)

El Palomar Airport (EPA / SADP)

Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE / SAEZ)

Carrasco/General Cesáreo L. Berisso International Airport (MVD / SUMU)

Rosario – Islas Malvinas International Airport (ROS / SAAR)

Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (BUE)

Moron Airport and Air Base (SADM)

San Fernando Airport (FDO / SADF)

La Plata Airport (LPG / SADL)

Private Jet Flights to Avail From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Chartering private air charter flights from Buenos Aires is a great way to travel comfortably and in style. Whether you’re planning a brief intercity hop or a long-haul voyage, our top-quality private jets provide options that cater to your budget, requirements, and preferences. Choose from a variety of private plane models that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Below are some pristine private aircraft available for Argentina jet charters.

Chartering A Private Jet To Buenos Aires, Argentina

As the heart of South America, Buenos Aires is a city that will leave an unforgettable impression on everyone visiting. This port city on the Río de la Plata River has an intoxicating mix of cultures, a thriving arts scene, traditional asado barbecues, a passionate soccer community, wide avenues, and colorful neighborhoods with European-style architecture. Whether it’s your first time visiting Buenos Aires or the tenth, this beautiful city will captivate you with its unique charm and energy.

When planning a flight trip to Buenos Aires, the Ministro Pistarini International Airport, also known as the Ezeiza International Airport, is your best option to fly into this bustling city. It is the largest and the main airport serving Argentina, covering a total area of 8,590 acres with three terminals and two asphalt runways scaling 10,828ft and 10,187ft long. Charter a private jet to Buenos Aires with Bitlux and commence your expedition luxuriously!

Traveling To And From Buenos Aires, Argentina

As the bustling capital city of Argentina and one of the most exciting places in Latin America, Buenos Aires is home to a population of over three million. It is known for its vibrant culture and European-style architecture that has been influenced by numerous immigrant populations throughout its history. The city offers visitors everything from world-class museums and cultural attractions to traditional tango shows and fashionable shopping districts.

Buenos Aires boasts world-class shopping experiences. From diverse markets to upscale boutiques, shoppers can find everything they need in this bustling city. Whether you’re looking for souvenirs or something special for yourself, you won’t go home disappointed from your excursions here.

In addition to the shopping, Buenos Aires is home to several popular tourist attractions. One of the most iconic attractions is the Puerto Madero waterfront district and La Boca neighborhood. Both offer visitors a taste of traditional Argentine culture and spectacular city skyline views. Other attractions include Recoleta Cemetery, where you can explore the final resting place of many famous Argentines.

Buenos Aires also has one of the most passionate soccer communities in the world. Every soccer fan visiting the city must not miss the chance to witness the Superclassico, which is considered one of the most intense sporting events played between Boca Juniors and River Plate, two of the most famous soccer clubs in the country.

Overall, Buenos Aires offers travelers an unforgettable experience with its unique combination of Latin American culture, vibrant nightlife, and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Whether looking for a relaxing getaway or exploring a gorgeous city, Buenos Aires is the perfect place!

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Why Charter A Private Jet With Bitlux?

  • ARG/US Certification: We proudly stand among an esteemed group of just 38 firms worldwide to have earned this prestigious certification. It’s a testament to our unrelenting commitment and dedication to providing exceptional service and delivering on our promises.
  • Unparalleled Service: Exceptional customer service and operational excellence are factors that set us apart from other competitors in the industry. This has made us the top choice for travelers in the US as well as globally.
  • Secure Payments: As one of the few businesses to embrace cryptocurrency, we empower customers with a secure and convenient mode of payment.
  • Industry Expertise: With decades of experience under our wings, we take pride in delivering stress-free flights to our clients with the utmost efficiency.


At Bitlux, we offer our clients an unforgettable journey in the sky with luxurious aircraft cabins and exquisite culinary delights. We believe you deserve a unique experience tailored to your desires, so we care for every detail imaginable while soaring through the clouds!


Your protection and well-being are our highest priority, which is why all of our aircraft pass stringent tests executed by respected aviation safety organizations from across the globe. This ensures that your charter flight will be secure and hassle-free.


Our FAA-certified pilots have undergone rigorous training programs to give you the safest and most secure private charter experience possible. They’re knowledgeable in all aspects of aircraft operations, from emergency protocols to air traffic control. Your security is our top priority with us; you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands!


Indulge in incomparable levels of comfort and luxury on a Bitlux jet charter. Our ergonomically designed seats guarantee an extraordinary journey that you won’t forget!

Jet Sizes And Locations

Light Jets

If you’re looking to board a flight for short-haul trips or domestic flights, then Bitlux’s light jets are a perfect match. The aircraft is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers and is popularly used for flights lasting less than 3 hours or for journeys within 1500 nautical miles. Those seeking an extravagant journey to or from Buenos Aires, Argentina, can opt for Learjet 35Citation CJ3, and Hawker 400XP, three of the most luxurious light jet options.

Super Midsize Jets

As the name suggests, these jets offer more efficiency than Midsize Jets and are optimal for traveling for longer domestic trips or even some intercontinental air charters. They can cater to up to 9 passengers with general baggage allocations. Super-midsize aircraft have a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles and fly for around 3 hours. Gulfstream G280Hawker 4000, or Citation Latitude are a few super-midsize jet models to pick from.

Midsize Jets

A midsize jet will be ideal when a longer flight time or a larger passenger capacity is called for. Offering a remarkable range of up to 2,800 nautical miles in one journey while comfortably seating eight passengers, these jets have enough power and resilience to traverse long distances taking over two-three hours! Some midsize aircraft available are Hawker 800XPCitation Excel, and Learjet 60XR.

Heavy Jets

Heavy jet charters are perfect for long-distance private flights and accommodate up to 14 passengers. Heavy jet charters are reputed for their generous baggage capacity and upgraded luxury amenities; you’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable private flight. These large jets come in the “kingsize” category and can fly continuously for 12-14 hours without any fuel stops. Heavy jets are perfect for people on business trips or a large joint family looking to travel with a larger group without the hassle of commercial flying. Gulfstream G450Falcon 900, and Falcon 2000 are some models we offer for private jet charters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Private jet travelers have fewer restrictions compared to commercial airlines when it comes to items that they can carry along with them. For example, there are no restrictions on how many ounces of liquid you can carry onboard, so you don’t have to limit yourself to carrying travel-size lotions, shampoos, or toothpaste.

Flying on your own schedule and time is one of the most convenient luxuries that come along with a private jet charter. We at Bitlux will have a top-class private jet ready for you to fly in and out of Buenos Aires immediately. You can book a flight as late as 4 hours before take-off. Contact us to resolve any further queries or get a free quote!

A one-way trip is exactly what it sounds like; it is when a customer only books a flight from destination A to B. Round trips are when the customer books the trip from destination A to B and back, i.e., destination B to A.

Empty Leg flight occurs when an aircraft is chartered for a round-trip journey but flies one leg empty. This can happen because the aircraft needs to return to its base or reposition elsewhere to provide service to other clients. Booking an empty-leg trip can cost you way less at a discounted price compared to one-way or round trips.

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