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Private Jet Charter To Irvine

Charter A Private Jet To Fly Out Of Irvine

At Bitlux, we have a network of jets around the world that can be chartered immediately. These aircraft are located in all corners of the world and can fly to and from Irvine, California, with only 30-minutes booking beforehand.

Private Jet Airports In Irvine

This is a list of airports in Irvine, California (a U.S. city), grouped by type and sorted by location. Our list contains all public-use and military airports in the city. Some private-use and older airports may be included where notable, such as airports that were previously public-use, those with commercial enplanements recorded by the FAA or airports assigned an IATA airport code.

Aircrafts Available To Fly From Irvine

Bitlux travel has a large variety of aircraft available for charter in Irvine, California. To view what jets we have on-demand, use the form below to choose the type of flight required, the destinations of departure and arrival. Irvine is a city located in California and is known for being a hub of innovation.

You can choose from a variety of private jet charter flights, including:

Private Jet To Fly Into Irvine

Irvine is known as one of the most safest cities in California. 

Order a comfortable jet for flight from Maine to other US states. With a population of only 250,000, it is also one of the most tranquil cities to visit on the West Coast. In the city there are many activities to do.  For example, you can visit the Crystal Cove State Park, Balboa Pier and The Wedge, which is a beach known for its incredible waves. However, the Irvine spectrum center is the most visited attraction in the city and is a must-see fo tourists. During the summer, the Five Point amphitheater boasts great live music and entertainment events. Whilst outdoors, also visit the Orange County Great Park.

Travelling To And From Irvine

Irvine is known as one of the most safest cities in California.

These aircraft are located in all corners of the world and can fly to and from Irvine, California, with only 30-minutes booking beforehand.

Why Charter A Irvine Private Jet With Bitlux?

  • ARG/US Certification: We are immensely proud to be among the only 38 companies worldwide with this certification, proving our commitment and dedication to excellence.
  • Dependable Service: With our devotion to outstanding service and operational excellence, we distinguish ourselves from all other private air charter services.
  • Encrypted Payments: We offer a payment solution that exceeds our competitors regarding your private jet rental. We accept cryptocurrency as payment for added security and convenience.
  • Experienced Professionals: Our time-honed industry expertise has enabled us to craft sublime, stress-free, sophisticated trips for our customers.


Bitlux offers the highest level of integrity and professionalism in aviation services. Our top goal is to make your passion for private flying a pleasurable experience through our exceptional services.


Our pilots have received considerable training and are FAA-qualified to provide you with a secure and comfortable private flight experience.


Our top concern is safety, so our team goes over and beyond the call of duty by undergoing stringent audits from some of the world’s most reputable aviation safety organizations regularly.


Bitlux private jets blend luxury and convenience to ensure your flight experience exceeds industry standards and your expectations.

Jet Sizes And Locations

Light Jets

As Irvine is a smaller city located in California, the airports and runways that are accessible are smaller and are unable to facilitate regional airliners and heavy jets. This is why we recommend the light jet when traveling to and from Irvine.

Mid-size Jets

The midsize jet is capable of transporting around 10 passenger a distance of 3,000 nautical miles. This is suitable for flight from Irvine to the East Coast.

Large Jets

When traveling to Irivne city, a large jet may not be suitable. However, large jets are available and they can travel a range of around 4,000 nautical miles with a passenger capacity of around 14 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitlux prioritizes safety in all aspects of aviation. Our private aircraft are maintained by high-level specialists who understand planes better than anyone else. Our highly qualified pilots will provide you with the safest flying experience.

Our cutting-edge technology enables us to communicate with thousands of licensed aircraft around the globe. We provide an extensive collection of the most recent, cutting-edge aircraft piloted by experienced pilots familiar with local aeronautical limitations – all at a reasonable and dependable price! Our staff of aviation experts is accessible 24/7 to ensure your journey is smooth and safe.

If you require assistance getting a reasonable price for your private plane to Irvine, click here for a quick flight schedule estimate.

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