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Private Jet Atlanta

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Chartering A Private Jet To Or From Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is the home to some world-class restaurants, famous professional sports teams, and a festive nightlife that makes it one of the best entertainment centers in the south. Owing to its numerous art galleries, museums, and concert halls, Atlanta showcases a dynamic culture which earned it a feature as one of the top destinations to visit in the National Geographic Best Of The World 2022.

Even when it comes to business, Atlanta is no rookie. In addition to being home to 16 Fortune 500 companies, it is a business powerhouse with industries such as FinTech, Healthcare Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Television & Film.

Owing to its tourist attractions and business potential, national and international high-net worth individuals fly in and out of Atlanta every day. No wonder it receives an astounding footfall of passengers on all major airports in and around the city. This is a major reason why many high profile individuals and businessmen choose to fly in and out of Atlanta on private jets. Bitlux exists to serve these very individuals and treat them to efficient, safe and comfortable flights no matter where they’re flying in from or flying to. 

Explore Quick, Convenient, And Customized Private Jets Out Of Atlanta

Planning a last-minute trip? Our diverse aircraft fleet accommodates groups of all sizes, from a cozy family of four to a sizable delegation of sixteen. Bitlux guarantees to get you in the air within 4 to 24 hours of booking, whether it’s an early morning domestic flight or a late-night international journey.

Popular Private Jet Airports In And Around Atlanta, GA

Due to its popularity and high passenger volume, Atlanta is surrounded by private jet airports, offering travelers the convenience of choosing the nearest location to their stay or intended destination. We’ve outlined brief descriptions of the three main airports in and around Atlanta to assist you in planning effectively. Bitlux collaborates with the Fixed Based Operators at all airports, ensuring smooth access to premium facilities when you fly with us. Here are our top airport recommendations for flying in and out of Atlanta:

  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL, ATL): Also known as the Atlanta Airport, KATL is just 7 miles to the south of the Business District of Atlanta. The airport is equipped with five asphalt runways that cater to national and international aircrafts of all sizes. The airport has three FBOs operated by Aircraft Svcs Intl Group, Mercury Air Center, Signature Flight Support that offer top-notch services like limousine services, passenger lounges, conference rooms and airside ramp access for private vehicles. When you fly with Bitlux you can access all of these services with ease whenever you feel like.
  • DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (KPDK, PDK): Located just 12 miles north of Downtown Atlanta, PDK is the ideal landing or take off point for people visiting Atlanta or leaving Atlanta from a leisure trip. The airport boasts of three asphalt runways that cater only to Private Flights. With six FBOs operated by Signature Flight Support, Atlantic Aviation, Epps Aviation, Mercury Air Center and Jetfueling present at the airport, flying with Bitlux gains you unrestricted access to state of the art amenities such as vehicle-to plane ramp access, luxurious ground transportation, conference rooms, and snooze rooms for maximum comfort.
  • Fulton County Airport (KFTY, FTY): Just a 13 mile drive away from Downtown Atlanta, FTY is another option to fly in and out of Atlanta if you’re visiting places near to this airport. With two FBOs by Signature Flight Support and Hill Aircraft Leasing catering only to private flights you can expect to enjoy classy services such as concierge services, ground transportation, and catering when you fly with Bitlux. 

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM / KBHM)

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT / KCLT)

Nashville International Airport (BNA / KBNA)

Athens-Ben Epps Airport (AHN / KAHN)

Middle Georgia Regional Airport (MCN / KMCN)

Columbus Metropolitan Airport (CSG / KCSG)

Newnan Coweta County Airport (KCCO, CCO)

Cartersville Airport (VPC)

Atlanta Nas (NCQ)

Covington Municipal Airport (CVC)

Dobbins Air Reserve Base (MGE / KMGE)

Beaver Ruin Airport (JAO)

Cobb County McCollum Field (QMA)

Cobb County Airport (RYY, KRYY)

Falcon Field Airport (MSC)

Henry County Airport (4A7)

Gwinnett County Airport (KLZU / LZU)

Private Jet Charters To Avail From Atlanta, GA

Bitlux offers a remarkable fleet of high-quality private jets to facilitate your departure from Atlanta. Whether you require a spacious jet for 10-16 passengers or a compact one for a smaller group or daily, Bitlux caters to all preferences. Our seasoned team will assist you in selecting the ideal aircraft based on your journey’s specifics, including distance, passenger count, and budget.

Discover some of the most sought-after private jet options for your Atlanta departure:

Cost Of Chartering A Private Jet Out Of Atlanta, GA

Chartering a private jet from Atlanta varies in cost based on aircraft type, flight duration, and additional services needed by you. Bitlux does its best to provide competitive pricing while upholding the highest quality and safety standards for all its clients.

Below are estimated costs for popular routes departing from Atlanta.

Flight Route Aircraft Type Avg. Flight Duration Seating Capacity Estimated Price Range
Atlanta To Hamilton Midsize Jet 1 hour 31 mins 6 – 8 passengers $12,000 – $22,150
Super Midsize Jet 1 hour 29 mins 8 – 10 passengers $20,950 – $27,400
Heavy Jet 1 hour 30 mins 10 – 16 passengers $20,950 – $27,400
Atlanta To Tampa Light Jet 56 mins 6 – 8 passengers $10,200 – $18,500
Super Midsize Jet 51 mins 8 – 10 passengers $15,350 – $26,450
Heavy Jet 51 mins 10 – 16 passengers $22,550 – $36,100
Atlanta To Regina Light Jet 3 hours 20 mins 6 – 8 passengers $26,400 – $34,500
Super Midsize Jet 3 hours 16 mins 8 – 10 passengers $30,750 – $40,200
Heavy Jet 3 hours 19 mins 10 – 16 passengers $36,650 – $49,600
Atlanta To Miami Light Jet 1 hour 22 mins 6 – 8 passengers $10,200 – $18,500
Super Midsize Jet 1 hour 15 mins 8 – 10 passengers $15,350 – $26,450
Heavy Jet 1 hour 16 mins 10 – 16 passengers $22,550 – $36,100

The figures provided are approximate and may vary based on your trip’s details. Nevertheless, they offer a solid estimation of the expected pricing.

Chartering A Private Jet To Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, has played a pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement. It is famed as the hometown of Nobel laureates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Jimmy Carter. Discover iconic sites like the King’s Centre and the Georgia Aquarium, a must-see destination for families.

Atlanta is known for hosting aviation spectacles such as the thrilling Great Georgia Air Show, featuring captivating aircraft stunts and a variety of aerial displays. Families can delight in the diverse range of ground exhibits. Explore the Jimmy Carter Library and Museum to delve into President Carter’s memorabilia, his presidential library, and engaging exhibits on his life and tenure.

Don’t miss out on the Atlanta Orchestra, a captivating musical experience where talented performers showcase their artistry at the Woodruff Arts Center and other esteemed city venues. Immerse yourself in sublime music and remarkable architecture. For a contemporary experience, head to CNN Atlanta at The Tabernacle. Witness live news presentations and tour their cutting-edge production facility at the CNN center.

Whether you love history, art, or the outdoors, Atlanta will captivate you throughout your trip. Fly to Atlanta with Bitlux for efficiency and comfort on your next flight!

Cost Of Chartering A Private Jet To Atlanta, GA

Similar to the cost of chartering a private jet from Atlanta, the pricing of chartering a private jet to Atlanta is determined by various factors such as flight duration, number of passengers, type of aircraft, travel date, destination, and optional services. For remote locations, a full fare is set to accommodate the challenges and costs associated with reaching less accessible areas. Nonetheless, Bitlux does its best to offer discounts for popular  destinations whenever possible.

Here’s a breakdown of anticipated costs for popular routes into Atlanta via Bitlux private jet charters: 

Flight Route Aircraft Type Avg. Flight Duration Seating Capacity Estimated Price Range
Chicago To Atlanta Light Jet 1 hour 24 mins 6 – 8 passengers $16,400 – $21,400
Super Midsize Jet 1 hour 17 mins 8 – 10 passengers $18,150 – $23,700
Heavy Jet 1 hour 18 mins 10 – 16 passengers $28,750 – $38,850
Aspen To Atlanta Light Jet 3 hours 1 mins 6 – 8 passengers $20,200 – $26,350
Super Midsize Jet 2 hours 45 mins 8 – 10 passengers $25,900 – $33,850
Heavy Jet 2 hours 47 mins 10 – 16 passengers $30,750 – $41,600
Quito To Atlanta Light Jet 6 hours 28 mins 6 – 8 passengers $43,250 – $56,500
Super Midsize Jet 6 hours 6 mins 8 – 10 passengers $48,300 – $63,150
Heavy Jet 5 hours 4 mins 10 – 16 passengers $56,000 – $75,750
Van Nuys To Atlanta Light Jet 5 hours 30 mins 6 – 8 passengers $36,800 – $48,050
Super Midsize Jet 4 hours 7 mins 8 – 10 passengers $38,750 – $50,650
Heavy Jet 4 hours 10 mins 10 – 16 passengers $46,050 – $62,300

Kindly take note that the figures provided are estimations, and the exact cost of your trip will be determined by the unique details of your trip. These estimations, although, are intended to offer a broad overview of the pricing.

Why Charter A Private Jet To or From Atlanta With Bitlux?

  • ARG/US Certification: We stand among just 38 firms worldwide to have been honored with this prestigious certification which is evidence of our unwavering dedication and commitment to our service.
  • Unparalleled Service: Factors that set us apart from other competitors in the industry are our exceptional customer service and operational excellence. This has made us the top choice for US and world travelers alike.
  • Secure Payments: We are one of the few companies that accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. We want to provide our customers with the option to pay with added security and convenience.
  • Industry Expertise: Decades of experience have honed our service to provide a stress-free excursion that makes our client’s trips a breeze.


Experience an unparalleled flying adventure with Bitlux’s top-tier aircraft management service. We specialize in providing a customized flight experience, offering personalized services and gourmet meals. Our team takes pleasure in crafting a private jet journey that is truly one-of-a-kind.


At Bitlux, safety reigns supreme. We promise a smooth landing for each charter, underpinned by our unwavering commitment to safety procedures. Our jets undergo meticulous inspections and receive certification for takeoff from top international aviation safety bodies, providing you with peace of mind.


At Bitlux, our pilots set the gold standard by meeting stringent safety benchmarks such as Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Trip Cheq certifications, except in regions of the globe where they’re not available. They undergo ongoing safety, health, and training assessments to uphold top-tier safety and professionalism. 


Bitlux’s private jet charters set a new standard for convenience and comfort, boasting exceptional aircraft management and ergonomically crafted seating. Indulge in unparalleled comfort and sophistication, taking your private air travel experience to new heights.

Private Jets Available To Fly To or From Atlanta, GA

Turboprops Aircraft

Turboprop charters are an excellent option for people looking to travel for businesses, with flying distances spanning 600 to 1000 miles between general aviation terminals. It can even land on shorter runways that won’t be able to accommodate standard jets. With its spacious interior, a Turboprop aircraft can comfortably seat up to 6-8 passengers and can be transformed into an on-the-go office. This makes it the perfect place for colleagues to come together and make productive use of their time spent in transit! It’s also ideal for people planning to make several stops during their journey or trip. King Air 90, Pilatus PC-12, and TBM 930 are a few of the models available at Bitlux.

 Light Jets

Light jet is the most common charter jet category for people traveling in and out of Atlanta. It is designed to hold up to 7 people comfortably and can travel up to 1,500 nautical miles without refueling, which can be suitable for smaller groups and families looking to fly across the East coast. Learjet 35, Citation Ultra, and Hawker 400XP are some of the light jet models we recommend.

Midsize Jets

A midsize jet cabin is more reasonable for flights with longer distances and durations of air time. Midsize Jets can fly between many US states without halting for a break and have a cabin capacity of up to 8 passengers. These jets can easily cover relatively long distances, around 2500 nautical miles, or trips that take 2 hours or more. Some of the midsize aircraft available in Atlanta are Hawker 800XP, Citation Excel, or Learjet 60XR.

Heavy Jets

The heavy jets are perfect for long-distance flights and accommodate up to 14 passengers. With their generous baggage capacity and upgraded luxury amenities, you’ll have everything you need for an enjoyable private flight. These powerful jets can fly longer ranges with incredible speed and efficiency, making them ideal for international travel. Gulfstream G450, Falcon 900, and Falcon 2000 are some of the models we offer for Atlanta private jet charter flights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Two pilots will be responsible for executing the trip unless the jet only requires a single pilot, in which case you’ll be notified about the same.

The cost of your private air travel to or from Atlanta depends upon various factors. To get an estimate of our prices, click here for our private charter flight cost calculator.

Bitlux accepts all digital payments, including cryptocurrency, to book your private jet charter flight.

Our fleet of Atlanta private jet charters is equipped with all the required amenities to provide you with the best flying experience, including WiFi connectivity, temperature-controlled cabins, and an individualized entertainment system.

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