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Private Jet Charter in Salt Lake City

BitLux regularly provides services for private jet charter in Salt Lake City. We are one of the few ARGUS rated brokerages in the industry and known around the Globe.


Salt Lake city is known for its warm welcoming citizens and helpful people. 


Most people say Salt Lake is one of the most relaxing places and enjoyable if you appreciate the outdoors and full of adventure.

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The best activities to do in Salt Lake City advance further than the peculiarities of the Mormon culture, the city has recently changed liquor laws, where you do not need a “private club membership” to enter a bar. This is great for tourists. 


In Salt Lake City, Utah, more than 220 days of the year have sunshine, ski resorts, upscale villas and hotel, not to mention renowned restaurants. 


The salt flats and Utah Olympic Park are all places to visit whilst in the city. 


The Utah Olympic Park was created back in 2002, for the Winter Olympic games and is now venue to sporting activities all year round. The park boasts bobsledding, ski jumping, extreme tubing, rock climbing and zip-lining. All of these activities are family friendly. 


If you prefer to stay indoors to avoid the mountainous chill, then on the third Friday of every month, the art galleries in the city stay open late for the public. 


The Red Butte Garden is the largest botanical garden in the Intermountain West. There are over 21 acres of gardens, along with five miles of walking and hiking trails. The garden is known for its various plant collections and display gardens, not to mention its education programs. 


Whilst on the topic of outdoor activities, the Great Salt Lake Marina has paddle boarding, peddle boating and sailing experiences. The marina is the ideal place to view the sunset the lake.


Simply use this private jet charter cost estimator for any location in the globe, select the cabin size you would like, and your new dedicated BitLux representative will contact you shortly!

Traveling To and From Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is responsible for nearly half of Utah’s tourism, there is no surprise here as the city of a vibrant hub and offers hundreds of attractions for people to enjoy. 


Sporting teams such as the Utah Jazz (NBA), musical events, live concerts and landmarks are all in abundance in the city, this drives thousands of people to the city alone. 


The state of Utah is home to many airports and airfields, making traveling convenient. If you are traveling to Salt Lake City, then comfort, privacy and safety should be your top priorities. 


In Salt Lake City, the most typical private charter aircraft is the light jet and is capable of traveling 7 passengers, with a nautical range of 1,500 miles without the need of refueling. A light jet is capable of flying across most neighboring states without needing to refuel. 


A caveat to traveling on a light jet is the lack of cabin space. Because light jets have limited cabin space, air hosts do not have room to be on-board, with there being no room for sofas on beds on-board. Although the cabin space is limited in a light jet, it is more than capable of taking you across short distances in comfort and without the need to refuel. If you require something larger than a light jet, then a midsize jet may be more appropriate.


Midsize jets can travel around 3,000 nautical miles without the need to refuel, with a significant luggage capacity. For midsize jets, BitLux suggests the Hawker 800XP, Learjet 60, and Citation Excel aircraft models. 


For an even more luxurious journey, we recommend a super-midsize jet. These jets have added cabin space, slightly further range and a higher passenger capacity. Many super-midsize jets have sofas or even beds on-board. BitLux recommends the Challenger 300, Cessna Citation X and Hawker 1000 for the best choice of super-midsize jets. 


Transatlantic travel can be carried out best on large jets. Large jets have a passenger capacity of about 14 people, each with a large luggage capacity. BitLux recommends the Gulfstream GIVSP, Global Express, and the Challenger 650 for best large jets. 


The height of luxury in the private aviation world are the VIP regional airliners. These jets are large airline jets that often have showers on-board, beds, offices and more.


The highest form of luxury transport comes in the form of a private charter jet, which also offer privacy, comfort and time efficiency.

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Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

Salt Lake City is home to 14 executive airports within a 50-mile radius of the city. The airports we usually service in Salt Lake are:


• Salt Lake International Airport (SLC, KSLC)

• Skypark Airport (BTF, KBTF)

• Ogden Hinkley Airport (OGD, KOGD)

• Provo Municipal Airport  (PVU, KPVU)

• St. George Regional Airport (SGU, KSGU)

South Valley Regional Airport (U42)


Within a 30-mile radius of Salt Lake City, an aircraft search shows that there are dozens of private aircraft available in the city that are available at all times of the year on-demand. 


For larger private aircraft, a longer runway is needed. For this reason, we typically use SLC for international arrivals and departures.

The Great Salt Lake City

Peak tourist times in the city of Salt Lake are during the summer months of June to August, this is because the hot weather is guaranteed, something that tropical countries cannot guarantee.


We commonly see domestic charter jets in the city, visiting from nearby cities and states. However, there are also some international jets that can also be found in the city that are available to charter on-demand. 


At Salt Lake’s many airports, you will find celebrities, musicians, political figures, sports personalities all chartering jets at Salt Lake’s many private airports. The most common private jet routes are from Salt Lake to West Yellowstone. 


The city is the largest and most populated city in the state of Utah, the city is situated 4 hours away from New York City and the average stay in Salt Lake is 3 nights. During this three nights, you will be able to visit much of the city’s sightseeing destinations and attractions. In Salt Lake city, the landmarks are too far apart to travel on foot to, so it is advised that you take a vehicle in order to travel around.

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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter in or to Salt Lake City


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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter in or to Salt Lake City


Salt Lake

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter in or to Salt Lake City



BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter in or to Salt Lake City



BitLux is the most upscale ARGUS Rated private aviation chartering service and is the gold standard in the aviation industry for safety and privacy. 


Our service differs from others as we give clients full flexibility over their flights and have the most thorough in-house processes. 


This means that the passenger can choose departure time, in-flight meals, in-flight sleeping arrangements and every preference will be used to facilitate perfection on following flights. 

The BitLux team are highly trained aviation experts who can deal with any issue that you may face before your flight and in-flight. 


We take great pride in offering a service that cannot be found with any other private aviation company.


Our in-flight service is unparalleled by any other aviation company and is carried out by a dedicated team of staff. 

BitLux Charter Jets In Salt Lake

BitLux is seen as the gold standard when it comes to private aircraft chartering. Our service differs from others because we give clients full flexibility over all aspects of the flight.


For clients, the option to customize the jet type, takeoff time, in-flight meal, in-flight sleeping arrangements and more are available.


Pets are allowed on-board your plane and are cared for by the in-flight team, once landed safely your pets will be disembarked from the main cabin. 


At BitLux, our mission is to exceed all expectations regarding private aviation. Travel with us and experience the best of Salt Lake City today.

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