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Chartering a private jet to or from Scottsdale, Arizona

Charter Flights To Fly Out Of Scottsdale, AZ

Bitlux is the ultimate private air travel solution for those looking to travel from Scottsdale easily and comfortably. Along with boasting a fleet of top-notch jets and experienced pilots, every aircraft is meticulously maintained to provide passengers with optimal safety, serenity, and convenience. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, located 10 miles west of downtown Scottsdale, is the most convenient airport to fly out of the city.

Cities closest to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

  • Within 10 miles: Tempe, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley

  • Within 10 to 20 miles: Mesa, Glendale, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, Sun City

  • Within 20 to 30 miles: Avondale, Goodyear, Fountain Hills, El Mirage, Surprise

Airports in and around Scottsdale, AZ

Since Washington D.C. is the business and political capital of the U.S., many politicians and business people keep flying in and out of town aboard Washington DC Private Jet. Here are the airport options you can choose while flying in or out of the city:

  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX / KPHX)
  • Tucson International Airport (TUS / KTUS)
  • Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA / KIWA / IWA)
  • Prescott Municipal Airport, Ernest A. Love Field (PRC / KPRC)
  • Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG / KFLG)
  • Scottsdale Airport (SCF / KSDL / SDL)
  • Stellar Airpark (SLJ / KSLJ / P19)
  • Falcon Field Airport (MSC)
  • Chandler Municipal Airport (KCHD / CHD)
  • Phoenix Deer Valley Airport (DVT / KDVT)
  • Williams Gateway (DQF)
  • Glendale Municipal Airport (KGEU / GEU)
  • Phoenix Goodyear Airport (GYR / KGYR)
  • Luke Air Force Base (LUF / KLUF)
  • Casa Grande Municipal Airport (CGZ / KCGZ)

Charter Flights Available To Fly Out Of Scottsdale, AZ

Make your air travels a wonderful experience with Bitlux's private jet charter Scottsdale. Not only will you enjoy luxury, comfort, and convenience, but you will also be able to fly between multiple locations without any delays! Whether for business or pleasure, renting a private plane with Bitlux is the perfect way to explore all this incredible desert city has to offer.

Here are a few private jet charter options available in the region:

Private Jet Charter Flights To Fly Into Scottsdale, Arizona

Flights to Scottsdale have never been more convenient and comfortable than ever with Bitlux! With our top-grade fleet of aircraft and impeccable customer service, we ensure that our clients receive the best private jet charter experience.

Scottsdale is considered one of the most well-rounded tourist destinations with something to offer all types of travelers. It is a world-renowned luxury getaway famous for its fabulous lodgings, upscale shopping malls, and golf courses. Although beyond the bustling city life, this vibrant destination boasts miles and miles of breathtaking trails, a prominent art scene, and one of America's largest wilderness areas.

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) is your best bet when looking for a way in and out of Scottsdale. With an impressive 117 active gates spread across two terminals, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport offers 3,400 acres of air transit space at a 1,135 ft elevation. The airport houses three parallel concrete/grooved runways that can cater to all types of private air charter flights; an 11,489ft long runway for larger aircraft followed by 10,300ft and 7,500ft, respectively.

Traveling To And From Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona, is geographically situated at the intersection of the bustling city of Phoenix to its West, Tonto National Forest to the North, majestic McDowell Mountains in the East, and Salt River in the South. It is a desert city incorporated in 1951 with a population of 2,000 people which has grown a hundred times, with its current population amounting to approximately 240,000 residents. Scottsdale began as a small farming settlement that has grown into a luxurious oasis in the lush Sonoran Desert.

Scottsdale has a reputation for being a luxurious destination with its five-star hotels, lavish boutiques, and world-class golf courses. Most people assume it's only suitable for wealthy or mature travelers when the reality couldn't be further from the truth! There's far more to explore in Scottsdale than one may expect.

From adventurous activities such as taking a hot air balloon flight over the picturesque Sonoran Desert to fun attractions like the Butterfly Wonderland and the OdySea Aquarium, there's something for everyone. The city also offers excellent entertainment options, such as the well esteemed Scottsdale Arabian Horse show. It is the world's largest Arabian Horse Show, held annually in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is an excellent opportunity to experience world-class demonstrations, horse shows, and competitions.

With its stunning views, vibrant culture, and friendly atmosphere, Scottsdale is an ideal destination for any traveler. So come and discover the Scottsdale area and enjoy the beauty of the desert while exploring all this city offers.

Jet Rental

Why Fly With Bitlux's Private Jet Charter Flights?

We know how commercial flying can be a hassle; therefore, Bitlux curates the best assortment of amenities and services, catering to your specific flight requirements. At Bitlux, we offer Scottsdale private jet charter flights that let you fly quickly in the lap of luxury and comfort whether you're arriving or departing from the location. Our Scottsdale charter flights are curated with all the modern amenities you need, ensuring a stress-free air charter flight.

At Bitlux, we offer premium private plane rentals with affordable pricing and impeccable customer service. We also provide total flexibility over all aspects of your private jet charter, making us stand out. The private plane is customized to your requirements and likings to provide you with the best flying experience. You can customize the aircraft type, take-off time, in-flight meal, sleeping arrangements, and other factors at competitive pricing.

Bitlux's air charter services offer unparalleled Scottsdale jet charter services and benefits in the industry, and with years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding flying experience. Here are a few of the advantages that you can take while you board a flight with Bitlux:

  • ARG/US Certification: We stand among just 38 firms worldwide to have been honored with this prestigious certification which is evidence of our unwavering dedication and commitment to our service.
  • Unparalleled Service: Our operational excellence is what sets us miles apart from our competitors, making us the top pick for travelers not only in the U.S. but also all over the world.
  • Encrypted Payments: We are one of the few companies that have adapted along with the advancing times, realized the importance of cryptocurrency payments, and integrated it into our payment options.
  • Industry Expertise: After running this business for over a decade, we assure you of efficiently delivering a stress-free air charter service.

Customized Flights

Our top-of-the-line charter service offers a private jet with plush cabins, luxury amenities, and delectable gourmet cuisines that will transform your flying experience.

Safety Guaranteed

Our aircraft undergo regular maintenance and are inspected stringently to avoid obstacles that could come between you and a safe and secure charter flight.

Certified Pilots

Our pilots are highly trained and certified by the FAA to provide a safe and enjoyable private jet charter flight experience.

Comfort At Its Best

Our charter jets are equipped with ergonomic seating arrangements that provide ultimate comfort for our customers, whether you are taking a flight for long or short distances.

Jet Sizes and Locations

Light Jets

If you're looking to board a flight with only a few passengers, then Bitlux's light jets are a perfect match for you. It can comfortably hold a cabin capacity ranging from 4 to 7 passengers. They are flown most by people who travel by routes spanning less than 3 hours or destinations within 1500 nautical miles. For those seeking an extravagant journey to or from, indulge in the Learjet 35, Citation CJ3, and Hawker 400XP, three of the most luxurious private jet charter flights available.

Super-Midsize Jets

As the name suggests, these jets offer more efficiency than Midsize Jets. They are optimal for longer domestic trips or even intercontinental air charters as they increase your travel range by 500 nautical miles. They can cater to up to 9 passengers with general baggage allocations. Hawker 800XP, Hawker 4000, or Citation Latitude are a few super-midsize jet models to pick from. These aircraft can frequently travel from Las Vegas, Orange County, Denver, or San Diego and are equipped with Wi-Fi so you can enjoy your leisure time in the air.

Midsize Jets

When it comes to longer air travel journeys, a midsize cabin is the best choice for you. Mid-sized jets can fly between many U.S. states without making stops along the way and can easily accommodate up to 8 passengers at once. These planes have enough power and endurance to cover distances, generally taking more than 2 hours! Some best aircraft available for Scottsdale private jet charter are Hawker 800XP, Citation Excel, and Learjet 60XR.

Ultra-long-range Jets

Those looking to travel over international water would benefit the most from ultra-long-range jets with a travel capacity of up to 8,000 nautical miles that practically take you anywhere in the world. Global 6000, Gulfstream G650, and Global Express are a few of the ultra-long-range jets we provide at Bitlux.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much would a Scottsdale private jet charter cost?

The hourly rates of your private jet Scottsdale charter depend on your travel needs, the model of the private jet you book, and special requests, if any. We'll guide you through the flight booking process to curate the most optimum and comfortable private jet at an affordable cost. Click here to check out our charter flight cost calculator to understand private flight prices better.

Do private jets have washrooms?

Aircraft like a heavy jet or ultra-long range jet have bathrooms, also known as lavatories, to use in case of an emergency. Turbo-props, Light Jet, and Super-light Jet often have shorter air time of around 3 hours, reducing the chance of using a restroom during flights.

Are private aircraft faster than commercial flights?

Private jets are substantially lighter than commercial aircraft, which results in less air density which can cause the aircraft to fly at higher speeds, covering distances quicker, thus making private flights slightly faster than commercial travel.

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