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BitLux routinely provides private jet charter in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding area.

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About Wilmington and Private Jet Charter

Wilmington, North Carolina was first settled by the English in the 1720s. The initial name of the settlement was New Carthage, but Wilmington received its namesake from Spencer Compton, the 1st Earl of Wilmington. As a major port town, Wilmington’s economy was fueled by naval stores and lumber. It played an especially important role during the Revolutionary War as a springboard for regional leaders to rally support against the British. 

After the Revolutionary War, Wilmington would go on to become an important Confederate naval base during the Civil War. Though the city was recaptured by Union forces in the late winter of 1865, many of Wilmington’s historic streets and buildings were spared from the conflict and can be viewed today by locals and visitors alike. 

Historic districts to meander through, a vibrant downtown, and a sparkling harbor are just a few hallmarks of Wilmington, North Carolina. This cozy port city is rich with American history and Southern charm, just two aspects that make it a leading destination for travelers of all types.

Located along Cape Fear River and the terminus city of the Interstate 40, visitors to this wonderful port town can divide their time evenly between learning more about the city’s historical roots or enjoying the seaside views of one of the South’s most premier waterfronts.

If you’re looking for convenience, reliability, unrelenting service and a true dedication to safety and client satisfaction, consider booking your next flight with BitLux.

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Private Jet Charter in Wilmington, NC

Why Fly with BitLux out of Wilmington?

It doesn’t matter if you are flying for business or for pleasure, our goal is to make your travels to and from Wilmington as pleasant as possible.

By renting a private jet with BitLux you will be able to travel to and from Wilmington without the hassles of a commercial flight. In other words, you won’t have to worry about standing in line for hours on end.

Wilmington International Airport is conveniently located within Wilmington. This means you will have the flexibility to fly in on any size jet you choose.

Light Jets

Depending on how far you are looking to travel, you will need to charter a jet which suits your specifications. For short trips of around 1500 miles, you should look at small cabin/light jets. These typically hold up to 7 people with luggage allocations. If you are looking to charter a private jet from Wilmington to Fort Lauderdale, or jet from Wilmington to Chicago, then a light jet may be your best option. Some of the Light jets available for Wilmington charter are the Hawker 400XP, Citation CJ3, and Citation Ultra.

Mid-size Jets

For longer flights, a midsize cabin is required. These jets in Wilmington are more comfortable than a small jet and can fly between many U.S states nonstop, with a passenger capacity of 8. Midsizes, like the Hawker 800XP, Citation Excel, or Learjet 60, are great for a fair distance and comfortable on jet charters that are 2 hours or more – such as, Wilmington to Denver or Houston to Wilmington.

Super-midsize Jets

For longer domestic trips or intercontinental air charter, such as Wilmington to Los Angeles, or even Seattle to Wilmington. we suggest super midsize jet, such as the Challenger 300 or Hawker 1000. These are designed for longer domestic flights and even light transatlantic travel, with a typical passenger capacity of 9 people.

Large Jets

Lastly, if you are looking to a private jet charter from Wilmington to Shanghai, or other International destinations, then a Heavy cabin jet or Ultra Long Range is required. These heavy cabin and ultra-long range jets are the pinnacle of luxury in private travel. With a passenger capacity of 16, these heavy jets can get you from one place to another in style, perfect for transoceanic travel.


If you are a traveling in a large group for business, then it is advised that you look towards the large cabin or heavy cabin jets. Some examples of Heavy and Ultra Long Range charter jets are the Falcon 2000, Gulfstream G550, Falcon 7x, and Challenger 604/605.

We fly all around the world from Wilmington

Jet Sizes and Locations

BitLux is the number one choice for private air charter to Wilmington.

Here are just a few of the reasons our customers choose to fly with us over other private jet services and commercial airliners:

  • ARG/US Certification—we’re one of just only 38 companies across the world to have been awarded with this certification.
  • Perfect safety record—safety is our number one priority. We’re audited by the world’s largest aviation safety company.
  • Top service—our clients receive the very best service in the industry, both in terms of customer service and operational standards.
  • Payment options—we’re one of just a few private jet service providers that accept cryptocurrency payments.
  • Experience—we’ve been in the business for decades and have used that experience to ensure a hassle-free journey for our clients.

Private airports to land and depart

Private Jets and Airports In and Around Wilmington North Carolina

Popular Wilmington, NC Airports for Charter Jets

  • Wilmington International Airport (ILM, KILM)
  • Cape Fear Regional Jetport (SUT, KSUT)
  • Pilots Ridge (03NC)

Other Airports Near Wilmington, NC 

Given the popularity of the Southeast region of NC for private aviation, there are a number of options scattered throughout the counties of Columbus, Brunswick, Duplin, and Pender. These airports are conveniently located within 25-40 miles from Wilmington.

  • Henderson Field Airport (ACZ, KACZ)
  • Odell Williamson Municipal Airport (60J)
  • MCAS New River / McCutcheon Field (NCA, KNCA)
  • Curtis L. Brown Jr. Field (EYF, KEYF)
  • Columbus County Municipal Airport (CPC, KCPC)
  • Albert J. Ellis Airport (OAJ, KOAJ)
  • Duplin County Airport (DPL, KDPL)

Some of the aircraft that we have available for air charter service in the region are:

Most of our trips from the area are on Midsize Jets, such as the Citation XLS or Learjet 60.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation on what will be best suited for your needs.

Jet Rental

We accept many payment methods

Payment Options

We have all possible convinient ways of payment.


Private Jet Flight To or From Wilmington, NC

Our air charter service to and from Wilmington and North Carolina give you full control over the way you fly. You can customize everything from the catering, amenities to the aircraft model to create perfect travel experience.

We offer an elite service and make the customer experience and safety of our aircraft a top priority. Unlike many of our competitors, we’re a fully ARG/US registered brokerage with a 100% safety record.

General Visitor Information

With fair springs, humid summers, wet autumns, and windy winters, visitors to the Wilmington can experience all four seasons distinctly. The culture of the city is a balance between the historic and the modern with over 300 preserved historic districts and abandoned warehouses fashioned into contemporary sites. Visitors can choose between a variety of sites such as the antebellum streets of the National Register Historic District or the hip, trendy Brooklyn Arts District.

Luxury Hotel Accommodations in Wilmington
From lavishly decorated living areas, to delectable buffets and impressive views, luxury hotels in Wilmington have a lot to offer. Treat yourself to modern convenience and pampering by booking your stay at one of the top-rated hotels in the area.

Embassy Suites by Hilton Wilmington Riverfront
Hilton Wilmington Riverside
Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott
Beau Rivage Golf & Resort
Springhill Suites by Marriott

Though Wilmington has a diverse range of attractions, here are some of the top attractions frequented by native Wilmington residents as well as those from abroad:

Azalea Festival
Considered the pride of the local community, Wilmington’s Azalea Festival is like no other. The largest of its kind in the state, the Wilmington Azalea Festival occurs every year in April, featuring more than 30 different family-friendly events over the span of a week. Previous guests of notable fame have been President Ronald Reagan, Carrie Underwood, and even Snoop Dogg! Experience the best of Southern hospitality while enjoying concerts, parades, and more!

Starting off as the brainchild of an underground film collective, Cucalorus has grown to become one of the largest film festivals in the South. Every November, crowds gather to see the more than 300 films screened at this non-competitive film festival. From deep-set movie industry professionals to newer filmmakers breaking into the field, Cucalorus is a community focused on engagement and the exchanging of ideas.

North Carolina Jazz Festival
Since 1980, the North Carolina Jazz Festival has been introducing the top jazz musicians to locals as well as dishing out old, classic hits. Newcomers and repeat visitors alike can enjoy the vivid, dynamic music scene while taking in the sights of Wilmington’s gorgeous downtown.

From the regal bearing of the USS Carolina to the sweeping grounds of the historic Bellamy Mansion Museum, Wilmington’s connection to the founding years of our nation remain robust to this day. These museums are not only important landmarks to the city but also educational areas where visitors can partake in tours at these museums to learn more about Wilmington’s deep history.

For those who enjoy nature, Greenfield Lake and the Aralie Gardens provide scenic views that represent the best in Southern green. Whether you feel like strolling through the wide expanses of the Aralie Gardens or discovering the local marine life at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher, there is something for everyone to do in the heart of Wilmington.

Experience the Finest of Portside Southern Heritage
Wilmington, North Carolina is a city that prides itself on three things: preservation of heritage, investment in culture, and port town spunk. As one of the oldest seaside cities in America, we welcome you to learn, explore and most importantly, experience the diverse and ever-changing landscape that makes Wilmington unique.

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