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The Ups and Downs of Private Jet Availability and the Cost to Charter a Private Jet

From 2021 to late 2022, the private jet charter industry experienced an unprecedented surge in demand. As the founder and president of Bitlux Jet Services, I observed firsthand how this impacted both private jet availability and the cost to charter a private jet. While the increase in demand was beneficial for revenue, I believe it presented a unique set of challenges for our clients.

In the heyday of 2022, booking a private jet became a task that required significant advanced planning. Clients often had to secure their flights up to six weeks in advance to ensure favorable scheduling. Moreover, the costs soared due to the high demand and low supply. For instance, rates for super midsize jets climbed as high as over $14,000 per hour.

However, the landscape is now changing once again. With demand normalizing, private jet availability is improving. Interestingly, the cost to charter a private jet is also stabilizing, and in many cases, decreasing. Today, the rates for the same super midsize jets have dropped back down to below $10,000 per hour on favorable routes, a significant relief for clients who value both luxury and economy.

The core values of aviation – privacy, freedom, security, and flexibility – seemed to be somewhat compromised during the high-demand period. As a staunch advocate for these values, particularly for executive charter clients, I found this shift concerning.

Now, the industry is returning to a pace where it’s not just about growing business, but also about ensuring a seamless journey for our clients. The flexibility and security that are integral to the private aviation experience are resurfacing.

At Bitlux, we specialize in heavy cabin international trips and are proud to be a leading broker with a focus on operational logistics across borders. Our proprietary systems and regular training are designed to ensure the smoothest operation of private jets for our clients. Even in the midst of industry fluctuations, we remain committed to our core values of privacy, detail, safety, accuracy, and expedience.

We believe that every client deserves more than just a flight; they deserve an exceptional journey, a private aerospace experience that serves as an extension for their success. As we navigate the shifting tides of private jet availability and costs, we pledge to stay true to this mission.

So, whether you’re an individual or a company, rest assured that Bitlux is committed to providing the best, well-rounded service in the private aviation sphere. In an industry where circumstances can change as rapidly as they do in ours, having a reliable partner is more important than ever. At Bitlux, that’s exactly what you’ll find.

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