What is a Private Jet Broker?

Is this your first foray into the world of private jets? Or perhaps you’ve been out of the loop for a while and not sure where to start?

Private jet brokers serve a unique purpose in the industry, providing individuals and businesses interested in renting, leasing or purchasing private jets with information, resources and concierge service in locating, negotiating and closing on the best deals.

This guide will help you better understand the role of a private jet broker and how they can help you find the private jet of your dreams, quickly, reliably and on budget.

What is a Private Jet Broker: Quick Overview 

For the average person, having a private jet charter company on speed dial isn’t a reality. Even executives and discerning travelers don’t usually have a requisite knowledge of where, how, or the best way to quickly find a private jet that matches their needs.

A private jet broker is a professional dedicated to handling your private charter flight, rental, lease or even jet craft purchase from start to finish. In this capacity, a private jet broker acts in a similar fashion to an upscale real estate agent.

Brokers handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to sit back and relax while they put in the time to arrange the details. For flights this includes but is not limited to finding the right jet to accommodate your needs and wants, negotiating prices, choosing the right Fixed Base Operator, planning other aspects of the trip (such as luggage handling, amenities, concierge, etc.), and protecting your best interests at every step.

Unlike the commercial aviation industry, private jet charters and aviation is a largely unregulated industry as far as client policy, pricing and booking are concerned. The right private jet broker will look out for your safety, demand superior quality, and ensure transparency throughout the process.

Private brokers maintain professional relationships with a wide range of industry connections, businesses and more, making them a valuable resource to have in your corner. From open markets and auction houses to private jet charter companies and owners, a broker can make the right introductions and make deals not always publicly available.

From ultra-light jets to massive executive class aircrafts the sky is the limit. Need a jet short notice for an impromptu weekend retreat? A broker can move quickly and efficiently to make that happen. Planning a company conference and need to book a jumbo airliner custom outfitted to enhance productivity? A broker can do that too. Check out some of the Top Private Jet Airports in the USA.

The Many Benefits of Hiring a Private Jet Broker 

1. Industry Guidance and Consulting 

In a marketplace wrought with complex information, difficult deals, decentralized inventory and private owners, having the right guide can make all the difference.

A private broker not only can facilitate the process, but make it easier.

They can answer or find out information regarding:

  • Who the plane belongs to
  • Pricing, safety and performance guarantees
  • Potential problems or oversights
  • Best pricing
  • Logistical issues
  • Operational issues
  • And more…

No matter your level of experience with private jets, the evolving nature of the industry means that things are in a constant state of change. You no doubt will have questions, need support, or someone that has your back at each stage of the deal or booking process.

Think of your private jet broker as a concierge who is there to attend and take care of your every need as it relates to your rental or purchase.

2. Reliability and Peace of Mind 

Just because private jet charters are costly doesn’t always mean you get what you pay for. The industry has little oversight, is largely disjointed and not always friendly to consumers or businesses (especially those new to the market).

Due to the lack of conformity, your booking experience can vary wildly across the hundreds of providers out there representing thousands of private jet owners. Further, there is currently no regulation aside from obtaining an FAA license as to how chartered private jet flights are operated or how companies set prices, set terms, or operate.

This can cause a myriad of problems, present potential pitfalls and challenges for consumers who are unfamiliar with navigating the complexities of the market.

Brokers make it their business to know and understand the industry inside out, ensuring that their clients’ best interests are always at the forefront of every booked flight.

3. Get the Best Price without the Hassle of Negotiations 

Even if you find the right jet, without the requisite industry insider information, how will you know you’re getting the best price? Or that the price quoted is a fair value or comes with hefty markups?

The simple answer is “you won’t”. This is also why travel agents are still a valued commodity for executive accommodations and concierge.

Just because the price is listed, or even quoted to you at a certain rate, doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for negotiation. But knowing how hard to push and what is the real bottom line can be tricky.

A good private jet broker is worth their weight in gold and can save you big on your next flight. They know what jets are in high-demand, which may command lower prices due to an overabundance in the market, and what days of the week or seasons might get you more value.

Your broker will negotiate on your behalf so you’ll always know that you’re getting not only a fair price, but the best value. We offer flights on Different Types of Jet Aircraft.

4. Due Diligence and Safety 

Whether buying or renting, jet safety is paramount to any other concern or need. Although jet crashes are rare, putting your life and the ones you care about in the hands of a random jet charter company can be a scary proposition.

A private jet broker provides an additional layer of safety, protection and peace of mind. Part of their role is to conduct due diligence on the charter jet company, staff and pilots.  They ensure all safety inspections, certificates and standards of operation are met, as well as FAA records that confirm the jet has passed inspections and is certified for travel.

Concierge Jet Broker and Charter Services with BitLux

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