Winter Weather Private Jets

How Winter Weather Affects Private Jets

Travelers worldwide hop onto winter flights to either enjoy or avoid the snow. With it comes notorious weather delays on commercial flights, though, so you might be wondering if there is a difference between winter weather & private jets.

Effects of Snow & Ice On Private Jets

Often, winter weather can bring trouble to commercial flight passengers. Delays are just the surface issue when it comes to winter weather troubles. You have to worry about cancelations on top of delays, all thanks to no one other than mother nature.

Potential Hazards

There are two primary concerns when dealing with winter weather and delays: aircraft airflow and runway condition.

Aircraft Airflow

If you have ever traveled during the winter, you have probably experienced delays on your aircraft from deicing. In freezing conditions, airlines aim to avoid snow or ice complications on the plane through this process.

When moisture accumulates on aircraft, it can impact the airflow and weight, increasing drag and reducing lift-generating capabilities. Deicing helps to eliminate these issues.

The deicing process is a two-step chemical process. First, a heated solution that is glycol-based is sprayed on the aircraft’s exterior to chemically block water molecules from binding into ice once they reach the freezing temperature.

The second step consists of a propylene glycol, which is applied after the aircraft is completely clear of snow and ice. The second solution stops the new formation of snow or ice while the plane is on the ground.

Runway Condition

Like driving on the highway, airport runways require plowing during winter to minimize impacts to take-off and landing. Although planes can still take-off and land with snow and ice on the runway, it could cause some delays.

When you fly in a private jet, they utilize snow and slush filled runways but will require more significant take-off and landing rolls. These impacts could increase runway time and snowball congestion in larger airports.

Luckily, due to private jet flight plans’ flexibility, you can often avoid delays from the weather on runways by changing airports and routes.

When you fly commercial, winter weather leaves you sitting in the airport waiting for clear or standing conditions in never-ending customer service lines. Remember, when you’re on a flight with hundreds of other people, when you’re displaced, they are too.

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Private Jet Travel in Winter

If you are looking to bypass the inconveniences of delays, cancellations, and customer service lines, private jet travel is an excellent option to consider. In comparison, there are significantly fewer delays and cancellations on private jets than commercial flights.

Private jets have more flexibility when it comes to keeping passengers moving, but why? Here are the top five reasons why you should fly private in winter:

Private jets generally have more options and flexibility in their air travel. At BitLux, our highly trained advisors are monitoring the weather constantly to act proactively to adjust to any weather changes.

Certain airports experience take-off or landing restrictions due to snow or ice, but our BitLux experts work around that to adjust your flight schedule to alternative airports. You don’t have to worry about adverse weather when your flight plan is in the hands of our advisors.

Why Fly Private in Winter

1. Airport Options

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Compared to commercial airlines, private jets can use nearly ten times more different airport options when flying. That means, when some airports are closed due to weather, private jets have more options to change their flight routes.

2. Flexible Schedules

Unlike commercial flights, which operate on rigid schedules, private jets have the flexibility to adjust schedules up until a couple of hours out from take-off. While commercial airlines cancel flights, your private jet flight can easily change times.

3. Avoid Terminal Congestion

Even if your flight does not feel the impacts of adverse weather, terminals can become congested with backlogged travelers slowing down your travel time. When you fly private, you arrive and depart out of your remote terminal.

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4. Agility

Private jets can get passengers back in the air much quicker than commercial flights. As soon as the weather clears, private jets can nearly instantaneously start operating again.

5. Helicopter

When all else fails, chartering a helicopter is always an option in the rare occurrence your private jet gets grounded due to weather. Helicopters have even fewer restrictions on take-off and landings.

Our Commitment to Safety

BitLux is committed to providing you with top tier private jet service. Backed with top-of-the-line safety and service, you don’t have to worry about your safety when traveling with us. Explore the World’s Busiest Airports

While we have more flexibility, there are rare situations where winter weather conditions are so extreme that even private jets will have to remain on the ground. It is rare, but know that your safety is our number one priority if grounding does happen.

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