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Top 10 Private Air Travel Destinations

BitLux private jet charter to paradise

Private air travel is one of the most common symbols of wealth and luxury. However, one doesn’t always need to have pockets full of cash and a Black card to take advantage of the effectiveness and luxuriousness that private jet…

Beginners Guide To Private Jet Ownership

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Private jet ownership is often thought of as one great big problem. The issues that arise with private jet ownership are undeniable and never ending. Problems such as high hangar costs, engine replacements and many more factors. To avoid these…

IS-BAO Certification – Audit Checklist & Operations Manual

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The International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and its member associations developed the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations or IS-BAO as a recommended code of best practices ensuring higher levels of safety and professionalism to aid various flight departments globally.…

Anywhere, Anytime, in Unparalleled Luxury

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Bitlux is one of only 38 ARGUS-registered companies in the world. ARGUS Registered Charter Broker is a recognized and independent source of operator quality in business aviation

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