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Specializing in supply chain logistics, air cargo logistics, and emergency cargo transport.

Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive solutions for supply chain logistics, air cargo logistics, and emergency cargo transport. Whether optimizing your supply chain, facilitating swift and secure air cargo deliveries, or responding to emergency transport needs, our specialized services ensure efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind. At BITLUX, we are dedicated to meeting your logistical requirements with precision and professionalism.

Why BITLUX For Your Cargo Needs

We start with what we know and love – our entire staff is dedicated and enthusiastic about Aviation as a whole. We’ve been lucky enough to create a rare group of great individuals working together for you.

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True Flight Representation

One of the many Bitlux charter professionals is ready and waiting to assist you here on the ground to ensure all aspects of your air cargo charter run as efficiently and effectively as possible. In many cases, we will fly a representative out to oversee all of the ground and air logistics.

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Access to a Vast Airport Network

We pride ourselves on our ability to reach areas that are commonly under-serviced by large cargo charters. This allows your cargo to arrive much closer to your final destination, quickly, and securely.

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UN-Surmounted Experience

Every one of our charter professionals are trained extensively, and have spent ample time on the tarmac and in the air. As such, they understand the ins and outs of the air cargo charter management process.

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Global Network Coverage

Regardless of where your cargo needs to be shipped to and from or where your logistics begin, our international network of airports, aircraft, logistics teams, representatives and offices provides you with local knowledge at a global scale.

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Efficiencies In Cost

The reputation and buying power of Bitlux allows us to discover the value for your air cargo charter needs. This ensures that you will always receive the most bang for your buck options. We go above and beyond by working each trip detail with ground logistics, customs, aircraft and crew logistics, timing, and much more.

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Aircraft Selection

We have access to over 6,500 aircraft and will always be able to source the ideal aircraft to exceed your needs while sticking to your requested budgetary constraints in a timely, efficient, and effective manner.

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How Can You Make The Most Of It?

Simple really, communication is key. We know each mission is different and we can start with what you have. Like the type of cargo will you be transporting, the dimensions, weight, locations, etc. We will use this information and work with you on finding the perfect fit for the mission and be there every step of the way.

How Does Air Cargo Charter Work?

Cargo Jet Charter is a specialty of ours. From the most detailed and time-sensitive missions to moving the world’s most valuable items. We’ll work hand in hand with you and every party involved to ensure a safe and timely delivery of your cargo. To begin, please send us an email at and we’ll get started!

A Focus On Time Sensitivity And Private Transport

At Bitlux, we strive to provide a contribution to timely, safe deliveries of air freight worldwide. The transport of goods privately can be problematic and complex. However, we make it simple for your enterprise to obtain reliable and quick cargo jet chartering services.
The Bitlux agents are industry professionals in both private aviation and supply chain economics. As such, we have provided extensive air charter cargo services for countless international and domestic individuals and companies. As to be expected, the same attention to detail and feature sets are available with Bitlux, with a focus on both the aspect of private transport (we are the only private charter to accept and utilize cryptocurrency payments currently) and time sensitivity. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air transportation
  • Land transportation (both pickup and delivery)
  • Loading and unloading at origin and destination
  • Warehousing, storage, and cold storage
  • Courier services
  • Aircraft Management & Placement

Bitlux Travel Handles Shipping Dangerous Goods By Air

Regarding private air cargo charter services, at times, items and materials require a far more careful level of handling than others. We categorize a “dangerous good” as any substance or article posing significant risks to the safety and health of those handling them or a cargo aircraft when in transport. Examples of dangerous goods include, but are not limited to:

  • Flammable solids, gases, and liquids
  • Explosives and explosive agents
  • Oxidizing or corrosive materials
  • Toxic, infectious or radioactive substances
  • Miscellaneous dangerous goods (lithium batteries, etc)

We possess the expertise needed for the proper organization of safe transport of dangerous goods by air for our clients, both within the United States and globally. Our field requires a strong amount of technical expertise and knowledge, which is why we partner only with trusted operators in the private aircraft sector.

Some Of Our Cargo Jet Charter Services

Jet Courier Services

When you are looking for reliable and fast transportation solutions for sensitive, smaller shipments, air couriers are the best possible option. Bitlux Travel can arrange end-to-end courier services for all steps of your process, from collection to transportation and delivery. This is the ideal option for items like:

  • Medication needs, especially after natural disasters
  • Crucial machine parts that require urgent delivery
  • Sensitive documents need to be hand-delivered
  • Paintings or artwork
  • Jewelry

Delivery Tracking

It is important to know where your package is at all steps of the cargo chartering process. Through Bitlux’s tracking services, we can provide real-time updates of the location and positioning of your cargo. This gives peace of mind that your products are in good hands and on-schedule. Additionally, enjoy accurate and timely estimates for pick-up and delivery of your cargo.

Trusted Logistics

With over eight years in the air cargo charter logistics industry and extensive project management experience, the Bitlux team have ample expertise in coordination of supply chain needs, air courier requests, and overcoming any demands, including shipments to remote locations, extremely tight timelines, and customs clearance documentation.

Every Mission Accomplished

Bitlux has extensive experience with executive jet charter, regional and international cargo charter, and precious handling cargo. We have worked with nearly everything – from manufacturing components to some of the world’s finest art. We’ve also used nearly everything, from regional propeller cargo aircaft to 767-300s for humanitarian relief. We are partnered with the world’s leading air cargo and logistic companies.

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