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Charter Private Jets To Travel To Or From Los Angeles

Charter Flights To Fly Out Of Los Angeles

Bitlux offers an unparalleled selection of aircraft and experienced pilots to make your flight out of Los Angeles smooth sailing. Our exceptional fleet of private planes is in perfect condition, guaranteeing a safe, comfortable, and worry-free flight for you and your companions. Schedule your next private charter flight to take off from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), one of the busiest airports in the world, for a seamless journey! This reliever airport contains two fixed base operators and helps you save time by providing access to private airports located near popular destinations, so you can get there faster than ever before with a private plane! It is situated in Westchester in LA, which lies along America’s Pacific coast. Another option is to fly from Van Nuys Airport, which is just a few mins away from Los Angeles.

Uncovering the proximity of Los Angeles International Airport to Nearby Cities

  • Within 1 10 miles:  El Segundo, Lawndale, West Athens, Lennox, Culver City, Redondo Beach, Inglewood, Hermosa Beach, Gardena, Hawthorne, Alondra Park, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, Westmont

Private Jet Airports in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a hub for private jet travelers and has numerous airports within proximity to the city center.

Northrop Field Municipal Airport (KHHR / HHR)

Compton Woodley Airport (KCPM / CPM)

Los Angeles Airport (KLAX / LAX)

Santa Monica Airport (KSMO / SMO)

Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR / BUR)

El Monte Airport Airport (KEMT / EMT)

Bob Hope Airport (KBUR / BUR)

Long Beach Airport (KLGB / LGB)

Whiteman Airport (KWHP / WHP)

Van Nuys Airport (KVNY / VNY)

Zamperini Field Airport (KTOA / TOA)

Fullerton Municipal Airport (KFUL)

Los Alamitos AAF Airport (KSLI / SLI)

Brackett Field Airport (KPOC / POC)

Agua Dulce Airpark Airport (KL70 / L70)

Cable Airport (KCCB / CCB)

John Wayne Airport (KSNA / SNA)

Chino Airport (KCNO / CNO)

Ontario International Airport (KONT / ONT)

Crystal Airport (46CN / 46CN)

El Toro Mcas Airport (KNZJ / NZJ)

Palmdale Af Plant 42 Airport (KPMP / PMD)

Riverside Municipal Airport (KRAL / RAL)

General Wm J Fox Airfield Airport (KPMD / PMD)

Gray Butte Field Airport (04CA / 04CA)

Rialto Municipal / Miro Field Airport (KL67 / L67)

Camarillo Airport (KCMA / CMA)

Private Aircrafts Available to and from Los Angeles

Los Angeles has recently become a popular destination for tourists and business travelers alike, mainly because of its vibrant atmosphere and the presence of major businesses. As a result, the demand for private jets flying out of Los Angeles has increased. So, if you need to take off from downtown Los Angeles for business or leisure, Bitlux has got you covered. We offer high-end charter flights that will have you enjoying a fast, comfortable flight out in no time.

Some of the private aircraft available to fly out of Los Angeles are:

Charter Private Jets To Fly Into Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, has it all – from business and leisure attractions to a world-class airport! Bitlux is here with charter flights that land right at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is just 10 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles. Plus, you won’t have any trouble getting there as a car or public transit are always available options.

With a dynamic economy that includes a balanced mix of shopping, tourism, beaches, and Hollywood, downtown Los Angeles has become popular among professional people and tourists. This city, branded as “the entertainment capital,” is now home to an ever-increasing number of tourists, making it easier than ever to fly in comfort and luxury with private air charter flights! So, if you intend to get a private jet to Los Angeles area, reserve a flight with Bitlux that will provide you with all the amenities you desire at unbeatable rates.

Flying To And From Los Angeles

If you have the spirit of adventure, there’s no better place to explore than Los Angeles, California – the largest and most populated city in America. Not only is LA home to financial, commercial and artistic hubs of activity; it ranks second among cities for population size nationwide, just behind New York City! Although it was merely a small village at the beginning of the twentieth century, this city has become one of America’s favorite destinations due to its inviting Mediterranean climate, captivating cultural variety and home to Hollywood. Not only that but its extended metro area also adds immense value for visitors!

LA, “La la Land” as many affectionately call it, has been made famous by its array of glamorous Hollywood settings. Everyone who visits Los Angeles is drawn to the glitz and glamour that oozes from every corner, such as the Warner Bros Studio, the Universal Studios or the Griffith Observatory. From star spotting in Beverly Hills and finding your favorite celebrity’s name on the Walk of Fame to touring film sets at renowned movie studios – no matter what type of experience you’re looking for, LA has got something special just for you! Apart from this, you can catch NBA games at the Staples Center or visit museums like the California Science Center or Museum Row to get a dose of culture.

Los Angeles offers fashion lovers and shopaholics a lot of exciting options, including the LA Fashion District in Downtown LA, The Grove in Hollywood, and Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. There are friendly neighborhoods throughout LA, vintage stores, and fantastic buying outlets to get the best deal. Los Angeles, the world’s entertainment center, is famous for its vibrant nightlife and incredible views. If the beach is your go-to spot, then Los Angeles should be at the top of your list! Filled with a plethora of gorgeous beaches, each boasting its own unique charm and personality. Venice Beach, Muscle Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Manhattan Beach Boardwalk and Malibu beach are just some examples that make it one of America’s popular spots for relaxation and entertainment alike. You can also take a ride through the Beverly hills and a walk along the Hollywood Walk of fame in downtown Los Angeles.

So, if you have any business or leisure travel plans to or from Los Angeles, charter a private jet with Bitlux private jet charter for a quick and comfortable ride.

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Why Fly With Bitlux To Or From Los Angeles?

  • ARG/US Certification:  Our company is thrilled to be among the 38 global companies with ARG/US Certification. This honor showcases our steadfast devotion to delivering unbeatable services and results.
  • Unparalleled Service: We are proud to give our esteemed customers the ultimate in luxury with a private jet rental service that is unparalleled in customer care, operational excellence and exceptional value.
  • Secure Payments: We are pleased to be among the few private jet services in Los Angeles that accept cryptocurrencies as payment, setting ourselves apart from the competition.
  • Industry Expertise: Our expertise allows us to make your trip planning and execution effortless, making sure you have an enjoyable private flight experience.


Whether it be the top-tier aircraft, exquisite in-flight meals, or plush lounges, your journey will be filled with an atmosphere of unmatched luxury tailored specifically to meet your desires.


At Bitlux, we prioritize safeguarding your security and, therefore, often undergo thorough assessments conducted by the top aviation safety organizations worldwide.


Our FAA-certified pilots provide you with a smooth and stress-free journey to or from Los Angeles, allowing you to sit back, relax and take in the sights.


Relax in utmost comfort and luxury with the ergonomically designed seating that exceeds each journey’s expectations!

Jet Sizes And Locations


Enjoy a luxurious and swift journey aboard one of our TurboProps. Whether you’re jetting off to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara or San Diego, these planes offer an elegant yet budget-friendly way for travelers to get around in style. With a seating capacity of up to 9 passengers, our TurboProps are certain to meet your needs! Select from any of the magnificent industrial-grade versions available, such as King Air 90King Air 350 and Pilatus PC-12.

Midsize Jets

If you’re planning a long journey, our mid-size aircraft is the best option. Each of our midsize private jet charters can accommodate up to eight passengers and two crew members, allowing you to travel further in unmatched luxury – and with ample luggage space! These models can fly around 3000-4000 miles nonstop, so you can go from LA to Paris or New York in just a few hours. Our midsize jet collection contains the Falcon 20Legacy 450, and Hawker 800XP.

Light Jets

Traveling to or from Los Angeles has never been easier and more comfortable than with our private aircraft charter trips. No matter if you’re vacationing for leisure or flying for business, you can relax knowing that all of your requirements will be met quickly, safely, and on time with our diverse fleet of light jets made explicitly for everyone’s needs. Take advantage of ultimate convenience when booking your flight today! Some of the light jet models that you can choose from are the Hawker 400XPCitation Ultra and Citation CJ3.

Super Midsize Jets

These large jets provide prestige, luxury, and opulence and can carry up to nine passengers and have extra cargo room for luggage. You can also fly further with these aircraft, as they can reach destinations of up to 5500 miles or more and have a capacity of up to eight passengers. Some popular models for Los Angeles private jet include Challenger 350Praetor 600, and Hawker 4000.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s relatively straightforward; for example, if you charter a private jet like the light jet or a midsize jet charter, it’s suggested that you bring one piece of luggage per person. Each item of luggage must weigh no less than 23 pounds. On the other hand, large aircraft allow you to bring more luggage because the trips are more extended, and there may be more passengers with you on the plane. As a result, you may transport one additional bag per person.

Various factors come into consideration when determining the cost of a private jet charter for your upcoming flight. You can click here to access our charter flight cost calculator and get an instantaneous quote for your exclusive journey!

There are numerous benefits to flying privately over flying commercially, including the ability to travel at your leisure, avoid long lines, enjoy a luxurious and comfortable experience, and, most importantly, tailor your journey to meet your needs.

We offer the best payment choice for private aircraft rental among our competitors. We provide encrypted payment alternatives such as cryptocurrency for added security and convenience.

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