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ACJ 319 & 320 Overview

The Airbus ACJ 319 and 320 are the perfect choice for business and private travel. They provide a comfortable and spacious cabin with up to 19 comfortable passenger seats, and advanced interior features such as an intelligent air filtration system, modern lighting, and acoustic control technology for a peaceful journey. Its spacious cabin, state-of-the-art features, and luxurious amenities make it one of the most popular business jets on the market today.

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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|ACJ 319/320

Maximum: 156


ACJ 319 & 320 Interiors

The ACJ319 is a shorter version of the ACJ320, known for its spacious cabin and long-range capabilities. With three large sections - living room, dining room, and bedroom - it offers a comfortable and luxurious flying experience. It can accommodate up to 19 first-class passengers and features a private bedroom chamber with a full bathroom and shower. If you're used to flying in tight spaces, get ready to have some room to spare in the Airbus A319 or A320. These planes have a standard 107-seat configuration, with each row having 6 seats. With slight modifications, they can hold up to 160 passengers. They also feature 4 lavatories – 1 in the front and 2 in the back. The A319 sets a precedent for business jets with its wide fuselage and versatile cabin layouts. Passengers can stay connected with OnAir integration, making it ideal for VIP operations. With ample luggage space and comfortable cabin dimensions, the Airbus A319 is perfect for both business and vacation travel.

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Luggage Space: 976 cu. ft.

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | ACJ 319/320

Cabin Width: 12.18 ft

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | ACJ 319/320

Cabin Height: 7.38 ft

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|ACJ 319/320


Max Speed

541 mph

Max Range

6500 nm

Cabin Volume

5843 cu. ft.


41,000 ft


19 (Extend up to 156)

ACJ 319 & 320 Performance

The performance of the Airbus ACJ 319 is nothing short of exceptional. With a cruising speed of approximately 870 km/h (540 mph), this business jet is designed to deliver quick and efficient travel. It is powered by two CFM56-5B7/P engines, providing it with an impressive range of up to 12,038 km ( 7480 miles), allowing for non-stop flights across continents.

Regarding take-off, the ACJ319 can handle runways as short as 1,850 meters (6,070 ft), giving it the versatility to operate from smaller airports. The aircraft also boasts an impressive service ceiling of 41,000 ft, providing a smooth, turbulence-free ride above most weather conditions. This perfect blend of speed, range, and flexibility makes the ACJ 319 a standout in its class.

Additional Services

With its spacious cabin, the ACJ 319 ensures optimal indoor air quality through an intelligent air filtration system. The ACJ 319 elevates in-flight entertainment with high-speed internet, satellite communications, and cutting-edge audio-visual systems. Passengers can enjoy large LED screens and a premium sound system.  With OnAir integration, mobile devices can be used during flights. In terms of luxury, the ACJ 319 excels. The three-section cabin features high-end furnishings, plush seating that fully reclines, and premium materials throughout.

The Unique offerings of the ACJ 319 and 320 include:

  • Private Bedroom Chamber with a well-equipped bathroom and a shower.
  • Customizable catering services in addition to a Galley Kitchen equipped with modern appliances.
  • Large lavatories with all high-end utilities at your fingertips.
  • Quick and efficient ground transportation services.
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Why Should You Choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

When it comes to flying, Bitlux offers more than just a means of transportation. We provide an elevated travel experience that combines comfort, luxury, and efficiency. As industry leaders, we understand that private air travelers crave more than just a flight - they desire an unforgettable journey, and that's exactly what we deliver. Here's why Bitlux should be your top choice:

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|ACJ 319/320


Superior Customer Service

Bitlux takes pride in offering personalized, around-the-clock service. Every aspect of your journey is tailored to your preferences. We go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.


Safety and Security

Safety is not an afterthought for us; it's our top priority. Our aircraft undergo meticulous maintenance, and our highly experienced pilots ensure a smooth and secure flight every time.


Global Coverage

With Bitlux, the world is at your fingertips. No matter where you want to go, our extensive network can get you there.


Luxurious Amenities

Prepare to be pampered. From gourmet catering services to state-of-the-art entertainment systems, we provide a luxurious environment that rivals any 5-star hotel. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.

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