Citation Bravo

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Citation Bravo Overview

Though it first hit the skies in 1996, the Citation Bravo has received several noteworthy upgrades that have allowed it to remain a great pick in the light jet class. With a larger cabin than other models in its class, the Citation Bravo distinguishes itself by providing comfortable seating to all 7 of its passengers. The Citation Bravo’s performance is nothing to cough at either, especially when it comes to its top speed of 460 mph.





Citation Bravo Interiors

Though light jets have long been known for their cramped interiors, the Citation Bravo breaks that mold by offer up to 7 passengers a full 342 cu. ft. of space to enjoy. This space includes 7 plush seats, some of which can be adjusted to provide more convenience when conversing with fellow passengers. The Citation Bravo’s storage capacity is fairly sizable for its class as well, with 73 cu. ft. of the cabin’s space devoted to that purpose

Near the tail of this jet, passengers will find a private lavatory that is easy to access. This space even includes some storage compartments that are ideal for storing in-flight necessities that can’t be kept in the luggage hold.

Luggage Space: 73 cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 4.6 ft
Cabin Width: 4.6 ft


Max Speed460 mph
Max Range1,587 nm
Cabin Volume 342 cu. ft.
Altitude45,000 ft

Citation Bravo Performance

The Citation Bravo was built around the reliable S/II airframe, which is shared by its predecessors. However, this model’s engines and landing gear have been upgraded to provide a smoother cruising and landing experience, respectively. This model’s use of a Honeywell Primus 1000 EFIS integrated avionics system is also an upgrade over its predecessors, especially when it comes to your pilot’s capacity to monitor every key flight metric from a single interface.

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