Safety Above All Else

Bitlux values safety above all else when it comes to private jet charter.

Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, top-tier service to all clients in every aspect of their private travel. To date, with years of experience, the Bitlux Safety Record is flawless.

Bitlux Safety Standards

Bitlux is truly committed to providing clients with a 100% safe private charter jet experience. Security, along with privacy is paramount to our clients, so we ensure we do whatever is possible to provide this security. Our uncompromising dedication to aviation safety is what differentiates us.

We undergo a series of strict tests on the aircraft that we charter to ensure that they exceed safety requirements before and after every flight. Our expert team inspects the aircraft rigorously to ensure no issues will arise in the future. Our network of aircraft boasts one of the most elite rosters of jet and helicopter that any charter group can offer.

What Standards Do Bitlux Clients Experience In Terms Of Safety?

All operators charter aircraft are operated on a Part-135 Operation Certificate. We maintain this as a minimum. Only after thorough FAA inspection, auditing, and qualification, are operation teams allowed to hold a Part-135 Certificate. All Bitlux managed flights must exceed the minimum requirements of the FAA.

Bitlux Puts Safety First

Not only does Bitlux work with the leading safety standards agencies in the airline business, but we also carry out our own internal-reviews and due diligence on jets that we broker.

The criteria that we judge our staff and aircraft against ensure that our company represents the peak of aviation prestige. We fully vet company insurance, regularly send aircraft inspection teams, and review crew background checks and qualifications.

Clients and 3rd parties can request to see our registered aircraft operators’ documents to prove that the way we operate cannot be faulted. The way we ensure flight safety is by focusing on the two main factors of the flight operations. The first thing that Bitlux reviews is the aircraft we use for charter, we do this by sending expert staff to scrutinize the integrity if our aircraft, often the President himself. The planes we use are always maintained to perfection and live up to the Bitlux standard.

All in-flight teams are trained thoroughly to deal with any situation whilst in-flight. As stated previously, the pilots that we work with must have adequate certification and training.

To conclude, Bitlux clients and partners are welcomed to our charter aircraft and rest assured that our mission is to exceed client expectations when flying on a chartered private plane is fulfilled. All of the operators that we use have been vetted personally by our team to ensure that their aviation standards are in line with our own. Our staff is dedicated to providing the client with a safe, unforgettable, and truly private journey.

Some clients of our charter jets may have a fear of flying, so we provide in-flight assistance to improve the flying experience for clients and their families, and pets. Travel with Bitlux today, and experience meetings, celebrations, and moments with our fleet of expertly-tended aircraft.

Third-Party Auditing

ARGUS is the gold standard of aircraft certification, and Bitlux is a proud ARGUS-certified broker. This means that our charter services represent authenticity, reliability, and an all-round high-functioning organizational process.

Private Jet Charter

As Bitlux is ARGUS Registered we are authorized to charter jets across the world and our services are respected throughout the aviation industry. We comply to the highest standards in the aviation world.

To achieve ARG/US status, Bitlux constantly undergoes a high level of scrutiny and rigorous reviews of our flight data, operations, business documentation, and ethical practices. These review steps were carried out under ARG/US authority.

Bitlux is also prioritized Wyvern, this is yet another accolade that we are proud to have associated with our name. Under Wyvern, every flight that Bitlux charters meets the trip requirements set by Wyvern in The Wingman Standard.

Wyvern Wingman is the leading regulatory body in the charter jet world. Their certification vastly exceeds the standard safety standards that are expected. This highlights the prestige that Bitlux exhibits within their in-flight practices and business ethos. The Wyvern standard was developed by Wyvern in partnership with some of the aviation industries largest charter buyers.

Outside of business practice standards, ARGUS and Wyvern also inspect the aircraft and operations for safety. The safety procedures that ARGUS audits are optional accreditations that allow companies such as Bitlux to display their safety rating.

Many private charter jet companies are not certified by ARG/US, this is why their safety rating is not displayed. A charter company’s ARGUS rating is determined by their safety history, staff training and crew maintenance programs.

ARG/US evaluates aviation companies by using a standardized specification. This specification is called CHEQ (Charter Evaluation and Qualification), this allows aviation companies to be classified under 4 categories: Does Not Qualify, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum.

Wyvern also has a standardized specification that is used to grade aviation companies, called the PASS program. This program grades aviation opererators either Registered (entry-level) or Wingman (advanced level).

As much of the aviation world is runs through online networks, we believe that it is important to look after client data as best as possible. We utilize our secure-server to send and receive client data to ensure the information remains private.

Peace Of Mind

ATP Pilot Certification

All of the pilots Bitlux has on flights are required to have an ATP certification. The ATP certification ensures that our pilots are able to fly according to the most demanding standards. The requirements for an ATP certification depend on what type of aircraft the pilot intends to fly. The ATP certificate closes the gap between being a commercial pilot and a pilot who operates in the air carrier market. Bitlux only works with operators whose pilots are ATP-certified.

These pilots personally inspect your jet before every flight. You will hear how the pilot has ensured your flight safety in your personal flight plan briefings with them.
Bitlux brokers a wide variety of aircraft, we provide charter on Part 135 aircraft types, this ensures that our clients are receiving the highest quality of aircraft and can rest assured knowing that the aircraft that they are traveling on is safe. The Federal Aviation Authority only grants Part 135 authorization to charter jet operators that are allowed to fly commercially.

Part 135 Aircraft Operators

Our company prioritizes aircraft and operators by their auditing certifications. We do not work with aviation companies that are not associated with the high level of in-flight quality that Bitlux offers. Also, we look at specific factors when deciding whether to work with another operator or not. These are the factors that Bitlux takes into consideration:

  • ARG/US (Gold, Gold+, Platinum) only
  • Wyvern
  • IS-BAO
  • ATP Piloting Certification
  • Time in operation
  • Age of aircraft
  • Number of hours in aircraft

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