Charter a Hawker 1000

Hawker 1000 Overview

While the Hawker 800 and 800XP jets established their manufacturer as a top contender in the super mid-sized jet industry, the Hawker 1000 solidified that reputation for thousands of private air travelers around the world. That’s because this craft is roomier than ever without sacrificing any of its well-established performance. It also features numerous on-board amenities that are typically only found in heavy jet class crafts.

Hawker 1000 Interior

As soon as it hit the skies in 1988, the Hawker 1000 gained the attention of seasoned travelers for its increased cabin size. In fact, with 827 cu. ft. of space, you’ll be surprised how much leg room and standing room you and 8 other passengers will have while aboard this craft. You’ll even have your choice of where and how to sit because this cabin features both double-club seating and a 3-piece divan.

The Hawker 1000 also punches above its class when it comes to on-board amenities. In addition to a full-sized lavatory, this jet comes standard with an assortment of entertainment options. These include CD/DVD players, TV monitors, and a built-in Airshow system. This jet even comes equipped with an on-board telephone for making important business calls while in the air.



CABIN HEIGHT: 68 in (1.72 m)

CABIN WIDTH: 72 in (1.82 m)


Hawker 1000 Performance

The Hawker 1000 provides solid performance metrics across the board thanks to its twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW305 turbofan engines. These allow this jet to reach a top speed of 539 mph. Meanwhile, this model comes standard with a larger fuel tank, thus allowing it to travel up to 3,853 nautical miles without needing to refuel.

This super mid-sized jet also features some noteworthy upgrades over its predecessors. For example, the Hawker 1000’s engines have new sound deadening technology connected to them. This cuts down on resulting cabin noise, which in turn makes for a more relaxing in-flight experience.

MAX RANGE: 3,070 nm (5,687 km)

MAX CRUISE SPEED: 429 ktas (795 km/h)

MAX OPERATING ALTITUDE: 43,000 ft (13,106 m)

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