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Learjet 35 Overview

The Learjet 35 is an upgrade to the ever-popular Learjet 25, one of the iconic personal jets produced since the 1970s. Known for its range and use in the light business travel sector, the Learjet 35 has enough capacity to comfortably seat you and an assortment of colleagues. It also comes with an assortment of standard amenities that will provide a first-class flying experience through and through.






Learjet 35 Interiors

The Learjet 35’s cabin is longer than that of its predecessor, allowing it to seat 6 to 8 passengers in a single flight. 4 of those seats are set in a double-club layout, making it easy for you to converse with your colleagues while in flight. With 40 cu. ft. of luggage space, each of your passengers will be able to bring a standard-sized suitcase on board, as well.

While the Learjet 35’s internal dimensions are more narrow than most personal jets, it makes up for it with its amenities. This includes a functional mini-bar with hot and cold drink facilities. So, whether you prefer coffee or a cocktail while in flight, this mini-bar will allow you to efficiently serve your guests.

Luggage Space: 40 cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 4.10 ft
Cabin Width: 5.0 ft


Max Speed519 mph
Max Range2,200 nm
Altitude30,000 ft

Learjet 35 Performance

Even after many years in service, the Learjet 35’s speed and efficiency is some of the best in its class. That’s because its streamlined body type allows it to reach speeds of up to 519 mph under ideal conditions. At that speed, the Learjet 35 has no problem traveling over 2,200 nautical miles. This model’s low fuel burn rate also makes it fuel efficient, to that end.

The Learjet 35 also features an upgraded avionics system compared to its predecessor. It includes color weather radar and tactical air navigation system, thus ensuring that your pilot is always able to chart a smooth, expedite path for your flight. This system even includes an autopilot to make longer trips less daunting on your pilot.

Why Choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

If the Learjet 35’s speed and amenities have impressed you, then you should consider chartering one through BitLux. We are committed to providing business travelers like you with a variety of bespoke, yet affordable private air travel options. Call us today to get a quote and learn how easy it is to charter the popular Learjet 35 for your next business trip in the US.

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