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Legacy 600 Overview

Based on Embraer’s ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 models, the Legacy 600 is a premier option for private executive travel, which ensures a comfortable journey between business destinations. This long-range jet offers three cabin zones and a range of 3,429 nm, making it one of the most popular choices in its class. Legacy 600’s spacious and luxurious cabin is perfect for longer flights as well as shorter trips that prioritize space and style.

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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Legacy 600



BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Legacy 600



Legacy 600 Interior

Stepping aboard the Legacy 600, you’ll find a lavish cabin that spans 42.4 feet in length, 6.11 feet in width and stands at a height of 6 feet, offering ample room for movement. The aircraft comfortably seats up to 13 passengers, with configurations that include a mix of club, divan, and individual seating options. The cabin is split into three zones for work, rest, and dining, ensuring that your travel is not only comfortable but also productive. The seating arrangement also includes fully reclining seats, perfect for catching some sleep or relaxation at high altitudes.

The Legacy 600’s 240 cubic feet of baggage space is accessible throughout the flight. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, the ample cargo capacity ensures that all your essentials and luxuries travel with you. Furthermore, the Legacy 600 features a large external cargo door, making loading objects with irregular shapes easy.
These features make the Legacy 600 an ideal choice for private air travelers seeking comfort, luxury, and functionality in their travels.

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Luggage Space: 240 cu. ft.

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Legacy 600

Cabin Width: 6.88 ft

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Legacy 600

Cabin Height: 6 ft

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Legacy 600


Max Speed

524 mph

Max Range

3429 nm

Cabin Volume

1766 cu. ft.


41,000 ft



Legacy 600 Performance

Boasting stellar performance metrics, the Legacy 600 impresses with a maximum cruise speed of 524 mph, powered by two robust Rolls Royce AE 3007A1E engines. These engines not only provide excellent speed but also ensure a high level of fuel efficiency, making the aircraft an environmentally conscious choice. With a maximum range of 3,429 nm with 13 passengers, this aircraft can effortlessly handle transcontinental flights, ensuring you can reach your distant destinations without the need for refueling stops.

The aircraft’s service ceiling is an impressive 41,000 feet, enabling it to fly above adverse weather conditions, thereby promising a smoother and more comfortable journey. So, whether it’s whisking you across continents or enabling an efficient hop between cities, the Legacy 600 keeps you ahead of the game with its superior performance, speed, and range.

Additional Services

Amenities on board the Legacy 600 are top-notch. They include a full galley equipped with a convection and microwave oven, a coffee brewer, and ample storage for meal preparation. Additionally, the jet boasts a state-of-the-art inflight entertainment system, complete with large monitors, DVD players, and an impressive variety of media connectivity options.

Our offerings encompass:

  • Personalized gourmet catering and an elegant galley kitchen.
  • Individual screens and premium sound systems for exceptional productivity or entertainment.
  • Expansive lavatories furnished with lavish toiletries.
  • Comfortable and convenient ground transportation services.
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Why choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

When you decide to fly with Bitlux, you’re selecting a travel experience that seamlessly combines comfort, luxury, and efficiency. As a leader in the industry, Bitlux understands that private air travelers desire more than just a flight - they crave an unforgettable experience, and that’s precisely what we provide. Here are four compelling reasons why Bitlux should be your ultimate choice:

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Excellent Customer Service

 At Bitlux, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized, round-the-clock service, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is tailored to your preferences.


Safety and Security

Safety isn’t just a priority at Bitlux; it’s a fundamental principle. We meticulously maintain our aircraft and entrust them to highly experienced pilots.


Global Coverage

With an extensive network that spans the globe, Bitlux makes it effortless for you to reach your desired destination.


Luxurious Amenities

From gourmet catering services to state-of-the-art onboard entertainment systems, Bitlux offers an unparalleled private charter experience that blends luxury, convenience, and peace of mind.

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