Charter a Falcon 7X

Falcon 7x Overview

Developed and released back in 2005, the Falcon 7x is one of Dassault Aviation’s latest and most impressive models in the skies. This jet has a massive carrying capacity, with plenty of room for large passenger groups as well as all of their luggage. The Falcon 7x’s performance goes well above and beyond the heavy jet class standards, allowing you to go farther and faster than ever before when traveling for business or pleasure.

Falcon 7X Interior

The Falcon 7x’s cabin was designed with comfort in mind, even while making transcontinental trips to your favorite vacation spot. As such, you’ll find 16 comfortable seats in this craft’s 1,828 cu. ft. cabin, each of which are extra breathable to prevent discomfort on a long journey. These seats are also separated into distinct zones, including a pair of double-club seats for conversing and a pair of 3-seat sofas for lounging.

All of these seats haven’t diminished the Falcon 7x’s storage capacity, of course. In fact, you’ll find 140 cu. ft. of on-board storage on this jet that can be used for your guest’s luggage. The Falcon 7x cabin even has room for a full galley and a full private lavatory, both of which can help your guests enjoy the journey as much as they’ll enjoy the destination.

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CABIN HEIGHT: 74 in (1.87 m)

CABIN WIDTH: 92 in (2.3 m)

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Falcon 7X Performance

The Falcon 7x takes the power standards for the heavy jet class to the next level. In fact, with its three Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307A engines, this jet can reach a top speed of 593 mph while still achieving a range of 6,843 nautical miles. That range is plenty broad enough to make transcontinental travel a breeze – including to destinations with high elevation airfields.

Also, the Falcon 7x’s overall stability is worth applauding. This is made possible by this model’s larger and stronger on-wing stabilizers, which help even out even the strongest turbulence. You won’t hear much of this jet’s engines either, thanks in large part to quieting acoustics implemented in the cabin area.

MAX RANGE: 5,870 nm (10,871 km)

MAX CRUISE SPEED: 600 ktas (1,111 km/h)

MAX OPERATING ALTITUDE: 51,000 ft (15,544 m)

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