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The Hawker 4000 recently established a new benchmark for what a luxury super-mid-sized jet is capable of. As you may well expect, this jet provides a spacey cabin with plenty of amenities geared towards business-class travelers. But in addition, the Hawker 4000’s in-air performance matches its level of refinement, allowing you and up to 7 other passengers to enjoy mid-sized trips in comfort.






Inside the Hawker 4000’s cabin, you’ll find 3 sets of double-club style seats that are ideal for conducting business. In addition, you’ll also find a 3-seat couch ideal for relaxing after a long day of meetings and travel. All of these seats are made from a super breathable material, too, so you don’t have to hesitate to remain seated once you get comfortable. Each seat even features lumbar support, making them ideal for those who can’t usually stand airplane-style seating.

Visibility is never an issue inside the Hawker 4000’s  25 ft. long cabin. That’s because it features numerous large windows that are positioned to optimize outside viewing. Also, this cabin features LED lighting to make navigation around the cabin easy at night.

Besides this, the Hawker 4000’s interior amenities are also simply outstanding. Besides a full lavatory, this craft also features on-board wi-fi capabilities as well as Aircell Axxess II phone service. The Hawker 4000 can even tune into XM radio, which few other luxury aircrafts offer.

Cabin Height: 4.10 ft
Cabin Width: 5.0 ft


Max Speed540 mph
Max Range3,200 nm
Altitude30,000 ft
Seats6 (Extend up to )


Despite its increased size, the Hawker 4000 is surprisingly lightweight due to its sleek aluminum body. This allows the craft to output excellent performance metrics, including a 540 mph top speed over a 3,200 nautical mile range. This model’s modest weight and engines also make it possible to take off from 5,000 foot runways and come to a landing stop in as few as 2,500 feet.

In ideal weather conditions, the Hawker 4000 can reach a cruising altitude of 45,000 feet. At that elevation, this aircraft produces very minimal vibrations. As a result, the inside of its cabin is quiet enough to allow passengers to sleep easily and converse without speaking up.

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