Learjet 60

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Learjet 60 Overview

The Learjet 60, stemming from Bombardier’s storied lineage, is a marvel of aero-engineering brilliance. Its capability extends to both transcontinental and intercontinental jaunts, making it a favorite for those who wish to jet from places like Chicago to San Francisco with ease.

An evolution from its renowned predecessors the Learjet 55, Learjet 60 incorporates marked improvements in terms of speed, efficiency, and performance. It boasts a lavishly designed interior, which provides comfort for up to 7 passengers, making their journey an absolute delight.


2,418 nm




Learjet 60 Interior

The Learjet 60 offers a meticulously designed cabin that affords 7 passengers the luxury of both relaxation and functionality. Spanning 453 cu. ft., the cabin space is divided into distinct seating zones along with a 48 cu. ft. storage compartment.

The general configuration consists of seven plush seats: a four-seat club setting, two individual forward-facing seats, and one lavishly designed divan. Each seat is fully adjustable, ensuring maximum comfort. The interior dimensions stand at 17.7 feet in length, 5.7 feet in height, and 5.9 feet in width.

Highlighting convenience for the executive traveler, the jet comes with soft ambient lighting and expandable executive tables for working or dining.

Luggage Space: 48 cu. ft.

Cabin Height: 5.7 ft

Cabin Width: 5.9 ft


Max Speed535 mph
Max Range2,418 nm
Cabin Volume453 cu. ft.
Altitude41,000 ft
Seats7 (Extend up to 8)

Learjet 60 Performance

Propelling the Learjet 60 are two Pratt & Whitney PW305A engines, each offering an impressive 4,600 pounds of thrust. For take-off, it demands 5,450 feet of runway at sea level under standard conditions, which increases to 8,120 feet at 5,000 feet altitude.

With a quarter of its seating capacity filled, the landing requirement stands at 2,660 feet. Achieving altitudes of 41,000 feet in a mere 20 minutes, it has a commendable range of 2,418 nautical miles. During a long-range cruise, the jet maintains a speed of 445 mph at 37,000 feet, and in its high-speed variant, it touches 535 mph at the same altitude.

Integrated into the Learjet 60 is the Pro Line 4 avionics suite, offering top-tier digital flight information through its user-friendly interfaces.

Additional Services

To cater to your in-flight needs, the jet is equipped with amenities such as a coffee maker and microwave, while a dedicated fax machine ensures business travelers can seamlessly transmit crucial documents.

Lear 60 doesn’t fall short in keeping you connected with the world even while soaring the skies. Most models available for charter are fortified with cutting-edge WiFi, providing uninterrupted online access. Paired with enhanced media options, the jet becomes a preferred choice for business travel, effortlessly merging work with relaxation.
Our specialties include:

  • A contemporary galley kitchen producing gourmet meals.
  • Luxuriously appointed lavatories filled with premium toiletries.
  • Flawless ground transportation, ensuring your journey remains top-notch from start to finish.

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