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Falcon 2000 Overview

The Falcon 2000 was designed with executive travel in mind, which is likely why it is a favorite of business leaders and their clients today. Passengers on this craft tend to appreciate its spacious accommodations, which include several amenities not seen in competing super-mid-sized jets. This model’s core performance is also outstanding, too, even when it is operating for maximum fuel efficiency.






Falcon 2000 Interiors

First and foremost, the Falcon 2000 interior consists of 26 ft. cabin that has ample room for seating 8 passengers while still providing useful amenities. In particular, passengers will be able to choose a seat that best suits their in-flight needs, including 3 sets of double-club seats and 4-seat conferencing area. No one will need to worry about headspace, either, due to this jet’s 6.2 ft. cabin height.

As for those amenities, the Falcon 2000 provides a fantastic bounty on this front. As such, you’ll be able to obtain in-flight sustenance of your own by checking out this jet’s full galley. Should you need it, you’ll also be able to make use of this model’s full lavatory in the cabin’s rear. The Falcon 2000 even has private changing rooms, which are perfect for a traveling business team who needs to hit the ground running upon arrival.

Cabin Height: 6.1 ft
Cabin Width: 7.5 ft


Max Speed550 mph
Max Range 3,130 nm
Cabin Volume1024 cu. ft.
Altitude47,000 ft
Seats10 (Extend up to 16)

Falcon 2000 Performance

When it takes to the skies, the Falcon 2000 can perform with the other top performers in its class. To that end, this aircraft can reliably provide a 3,250 nautical mile range to travelers who are looking to cross the country in a haste. Moreover, the Falcon 2000 can reach top speeds of 550 mph, as well. Even when operating on its most fuel efficient settings, this jet still manages to run fast at 479 mph.

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