Charter A Hawker 400XP

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Hawker 400XP Overview

Performance, safety, and style are at the heart of the Hawker 400XP. This Raytheon/ Beechcraft light jet acts as a cost-efficient option for party’s looking to enjoy great amenities without paying a luxury price. This model also excels at making short-to-mid-range flight efficient, as well as landing at smaller airports with shorter airstrips.









Hawker 400XP Interiors

The Hawker 400XP’s interior is rather compact, allowing the aircraft to travel more efficiently to and from your destination. Even so, this model’s 15.5 ft. cabin has room for 7 seats and room to move in the center aisle. It also includes 27 cu. ft. of baggage storage space, which is plenty for most short distance travel.

Those who have traveled on a private jet before will also notice this model’s square-oval cabin design. This is a unique structure that provides for more head and shoulder space within this cabin’s 4.9 ft. cabin height. Also, the Hawker 400XP’s flat floor makes it increasingly easy to move about the cabin – even when visiting the lavatory in the rear of the cabin.

Luggage Space: 27 cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 4.75 ft
width 1
Cabin Width: 4.9 ft


Max Speed508 mph
Max Range1333 nm
Altitude45,000 ft
Seats7 (Extend up to 9)

Hawker 400XP Performance

This twin engine light jet is well-known for its reliable cruising speeds of up to 450 mph at 45,000 feet. At those speeds, it can comfortably make trips within its 1,465 nautical mile range without needing to stop to refuel.

Taking off and landing in the Hawker 400XP couldn’t be flexible, either. With a climb rate of 3,770 feet per minute, it should be no surprise that this light jet can take off from runways as short as 3,906 feet in length. As such, you and your party can pinpoint your destination, even if that means traveling to a small, regional airport.

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