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Gulfstream G550 Overview

The Gulfstream G550 is exactly the kind of long-range heavy jet you’ve been looking for. With tons of internal cabin space and seating for a plus-sized party, this jet can easily accommodate large groups who are traveling abroad for business or pleasure. You can count on the Gulfstream G550’s performance as well because it is built around the trusted framework of the Gulfstream G-V series of jets.






Gulfstream G550 Interiors

The Gulfstream G550 actually uses a very similar cabin to its predecessors. That being said, its 2,265 cu. ft. of interior space is large enough to seat 12 to 14 passengers, depending on your chosen seating arrangement. In terms of seating options, party members will be able to choose between sitting at the several double-club seat sets or on the extended couches. Additional seating is also provided in a separate conference room, where passengers can meet in private.

This model also houses Gulfstream’s specialized Broad Band Multi Link system. As a result, passengers on-board will be able to call, fax, and connect to the internet all while at a cruising altitude. The Gulfstream G550 also features multiple CD, DVD, and TV entertainment options as well as a full lavatory in the cabin’s rear.

Cabin Height: 5.9 ft
Cabin Width: 7.2 ft


Max Speed678 mph
Max Range7,763 nm
Cabin Volume2,265 cu. ft.
Altitude51,000 ft
Seats14 (Extend up to 19)

Gulfstream G550 Performance

The Gulfstream G550 is capable of crossing continents in a flash thanks to its Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines. To that end, this model has a broad range of 7,763 nautical miles, which can be achieved at speeds of up to 562 mph. In other words, this jet could easily cover a flight from Tokyo to Paris without needing to stop even once.

Within the Gulfstream G550, you’ll also find this manufacturer’s unique PlaneView cockpit. This cockpit is structured so that it takes up less space while still providing plenty of useful avionic equipment to the pilot. For example, the Gulfstream G550 is equipped with the Honeywell Primus Epic suite, which provides live data-based updates to the pilot throughout your flight. This ensures that they are always able to keep your craft stable and on-course, even during a storm.

Why Choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

While the Gulfstream G550 is a great option for your next charter flight, there are also a wide variety of other options to fit your every traveling need if you charter through Bitlux. Our fleet of top-tier aircraft can ensure that your family or your business colleagues are able to enjoy the very best when traveling the globe. Call us for a quote today and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your next travel getaway in style.

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