Legacy 450

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Legacy 450 Overview

The Legacy 450 stands on the cutting-edge of modern heavy jets. Released to the public in 2012, the Legacy 450’s manufacturer, Embraer, made sure that this jet includes all of the comfortable amenities current business travelers have come to expect. Even vacation travelers can make the most of this jet’s capabilities given that its performance exceeds all contemporary standards.






Legacy 450 Interiors

Upon its release in 2012, the Legacy 450 offered the largest cabin in its mid-sized class. Even now, this jet’s 815 cu. ft. cabin offers a great amount of leg room to up to 10 passengers. A fair portion of that space is also reserved for luggage storage, too – 150 cu. ft. to be precise. Even so, this jet’s cabin still provides an assortment of seating options between its double-club seats and its extended couch-style seats.

The Legacy 450’s amenities are also some of the very best in its class, starting with its private lavatory. Business-class passengers in particular will find the Legacy 450’s high speed wireless internet, phone, and faxing capabilities to be more than ample when it comes to keeping work flowing in the air. This jet’s seats are even adjustable so that most passengers can have a private workstation to themselves.

Luggage Space: 150 cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 72 ft
Cabin Width: 82 ft


Max Speed531 mph
Max Range2,904 nm
Cabin Volume815 cu. ft.
Altitude45,000 ft

Legacy 450 Performance

The Legacy 450’s performance is its most lauded over quality, without question. For example, many regular private fliers are fully impressed by this jet’s maximum range of around 2,600 nautical miles. That’s more than enough to make a quick cross-country trip at the Legacy 450’s top cruising speed of around 600 mph. These high metrics are all made possible by two Honeywell HTF 7500E engines, which are built with stability in mind as well.

Up in the cabin, the pilot for your Legacy 450 flight will have access to the Collins ProLine Fusion flight deck. This is one of the most responsive cockpit control systems on the market today, so you can expect your skilled pilot to use it to keep your flight full safe – even when passing through unexpected turbulence.

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