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Citation CJ3 Overview

Designed to serve as an economical option in the light jet class of aircraft, the Citation CJ3 remains a worthwhile option for folks looking to take to the air on a budget. This model’s low operating costs are complemented by its solid seating capacity, as well as its in-flight accommodations. The Citation CJ3’s performance is also outstanding, especially given its affordability.






Citation CJ3 Interiors

The Citation CJ3’s interior is a major step forward from previous models in CJ line of light jets. With a longer cabin, this model is able to seat up to 8 passengers and 65 cu. ft. of their luggage. Each of those passengers will get to enjoy a redesigned seat, as well, with longer armrests and a more supportive backrest. 

Also, within the Citation CJ3’s cabin, passengers will maintain excellent visibility at all times thanks to its windows and overhead LED lighting. As a result, your passengers will have no trouble finding the refreshment center located in the cabin’s rear. Business-class travelers will even be able to stay productive by utilizing this cabin’s several 110-volt AC power outlets.

Luggage Space: 65 cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 4.7 ft
Cabin Width: 4.8 ft


Max Speed478 mph
Max Range2040 nm
Altitude45,000 ft
Seats8 (Extend up to 9)

Citation CJ3 Performance

The Citation CJ3’s powerful, fuel-efficient engines are a sight to behold. Under ideal conditions, they are able to bring this aircraft up to an impressive cruising speed of 478 mph. At those speeds, you and your passengers will easily be able to efficiently travel around the US. This model’s 2,156 nautical mile range also makes that kind of cross-country travel easy.

The Citation CJ3’s avionics system also plays a major role in keeping it fuel efficient. To be precise, this model’s FADEC (full-authority digital engine controls) ensures that every bit of electricity used by the craft is efficiently managed. At the same time, this aircraft’s modest size allows it to get you closer to your destination by landing on shorter runways.

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