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 Learjet 40XR Overview

In so many words, the Learjet 40XR has taken an excellent light jet and made it even better. That includes its core performance, which is consistent enough to make even some cross-country flights without stopping. The Learjet 40XR still remains plenty comfortable, though, with room for up to 6 passengers and all of their luggage.






Learjet 40XR Interiors

On the inside, the Learjet 40XR has some of the most cabin space of any other light jet in its class. To be specific, it offers a 17.6 ft cabin length paired with a 4.9 ft. cabin weight. That’s plenty of space to fit 6 passenger seats without requiring anyone to sit with the pilot. 4 of those seats are even installed in a double-club configuration to maximize their usability.

Between those double-club seats, you’ll find foldout tables that make it easy to keep your work in front of your while in flight. Should you or your guests need a little refreshment while in flight, they can pick one up easily from this plane’s drink center. Along the same lines, the Learjet 40XR also offers a standard-sized lavatory for all party member’s convenience.

Luggage Space: cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 4.10 ft
Cabin Width: 5.0 ft


Max Speed530 mph
Max Range1,861 nm
Cabin Volume cu. ft.
Altitude 30,000 ft
Seats6 (Extend up to 7)

 Learjet 40XR Performance

In the air, the Learjet 40XR has numerous performance specifications to match its excellent reputation. For example, the Learjet 40XR’s Honeywell TRE731-20-BR engines provide enough thrust to achieve a 530 mph cruising top speed over an 1,861 nautical mile range. It can even cruise at altitudes up to 51,000 ft., thus allowing it to navigate around inclement weather.

Though you won’t need to interact with it, you can take comfort in knowing that this jet’s Honeywell Primus 1000 avionics suite is among the most reliable in the industry. As such, your pilot will be able to use it to facilitate takeoffs from runways as short as 5,000 ft. in length.

Why Choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

As far as private air travel goes, the Learjet 40XR is one of the best options available to travelers on any budget. If you’re looking to charter this or any other popular private aircraft, then Bitlux can make it happen for you without the hassle. Our team of seasoned aviators can ensure that your family or business colleagues always have the best accommodations when taking to the skies.

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