Fly Fair, Fly Far, Fly Fast and On Your Own Terms With Bitlux Jet Card Program

After two years of intensive research and constructive client feedback, Bitlux is happy to announce the most rewarding Jet Card Program in the Private Aviation Industry ever!

Our Jet Card program is an embodiment of our “Client-First” approach which reinstates the fact that “You will be our Number One Priority, Always!”

Don’t believe us? Our “Unbelievable Perks” will definitely have you think otherwise!

Why BITLUX Membership

Gain The “Fixed Rate” Advantage!

With our Jet Card program the ups and downs of the private aviation industry won’t cost you a fortune. Enjoy fixed prices for all three cabin sizes throughout the year when flying in North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Earn “Global Travel Hours” Every Time You Fly With Us

We want you to get your money’s worth by doing what you love most – travel!!
Which is why you can utilize our “Jet Card Hours” to fly across the globe. Whether it is beyond our coverage area or a non-qualified trip, you are the master of your destination.

Last Minute Flights Are Now/ Made Possible / A Certainty

No matter the odds, Bitlux will get you in the air within 24 hours of booking your flight. We pride ourselves for having our clients flying in less than 4 hours of contacting us. We resolve urgent emergencies with fast-paced solutions that ensure “early arrival” to your desired destination, every single time!

We Don’t Leave You Hanging, Ever!

Clients with our Private Jet Membership never face the disappointment of blackout dates. Whether it is peak holiday season or Business is buzzing, we ensure that you reach the right place at the right time without compromising on time or quality.

First Class Planes For Fast-Paced Plans

High achievers do not compromise on time and comfort, and neither do we. 
All our Bitlux jet card holders have exclusive access to aircrafts manufactured in the year 2000 or after. Each aircraft in our fleet is engineered for “swift takeoffs”, lightning-fast flights, and safe landings for all our clients.

Free Cancellation For As Late As 48 Hours Before TakeOff

We understand that plans may change due to unforeseen circumstances, and we are by your side when that happens. Enjoy free cancellation before 48 hours of your take off time with our Private Jet Card program.

Fly That Extra Mile At No Extra Charge!

We go the extra mile to charge you fair and square. We do not believe in charging for peak hours or fuel surcharges when it isn’t absolutely necessary. Bitlux is all about saving Time and Money,because we know our clients’ time is money. With multi-national and multi-continental contract rate guarantees.

Complimentary Meals On The House!

Wherever available, a complimentary light meal is on us. We hope you are looking forward to relishing charcuterie boards and sandwiches, or mimosas and chocolate covered strawberries when flying with us next!

Stay Connected While Mid-Air

Each of our mid-size and above aircrafts come with guaranteed WiFi so that they can have real time updates about the world down below.

Explore Exclusive

After a long awaited development and frequent request, our Jet Card Membership program is finally here in Q1 2024. Limited spots available. Please contact your Bitlux representative for more details.

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