Legacy 650

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Legacy 650 Overview

The Legacy 650 is a loyal private flier’s favorite that has been in the skies around the world since 2011. As a premier model from Embraer, the Legacy 650 offers top-level performance as well as in-flight comfort, regardless of how far you are traveling. The Legacy 650 also features a wide variety of useful amenities, all of which will cater well to the needs of your family or your business colleagues.






Legacy 650 Interiors

First off, the Legacy 650 should be a go-to private aviation options for you if you have a lot of friends or colleagues to bring on a trip. That’s because this model’s 1,792 cu. ft. interior can seat between 12 and 16 passengers comfortably across its several double-club seats and its 3-seat couch. Each seat has plenty of headspace, too, even when you’re standing up because of this cabin’s 6.1 ft. total height.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the Legacy 650’s cabin is filled with an assortment of exciting amenities. This includes an extended galley, where you can store plenty of refreshments for a long flight. You’ll also find that the Legacy 650’s cabin has high-speed internet, which business travelers in particular can utilize while in their mobile office setup. Even the Legacy 650’s lavatory is noteworthy due to its size, its style, and its overall ease of access.

Luggage Space: cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 4.10 ft
Cabin Width: 5.0 ft


Max Speed599 mph
Max Range3,900 nm
Cabin Volume1,792 cu. ft.
Altitude30,000 ft

Legacy 650 Performance

The Legacy 650 actually performs far better than the average heavy jets in its class. This is a result of this model’s two Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2 engines, which work together to produce top speeds of just under 600 mph. Those engines also play a crucial role in maintaining the Legacy 650’s excellent range, which tops out at around 3,900 nautical miles in most conditions.

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