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Boeing Business Jet Overview

There are few iconic names in the private charter flight business like the Boeing Business Jet. This private plan has become the preferred option of business leaders around the world because it can easily serve as a mobile office in the sky. This craft also has an assortment of amenities that will keep you and up to 19 associates seated comfortably for a long inter-city flight.

Boeing Business Jet Interior

With a length of 79.17 ft. and height of 7.09 ft., the Boeing Business Jet was originally designed to accommodate 149 seats in successive rows. However, its 19 seat arrangement is by far the most common given that it provides an assortment of seating options for your business guests. This includes a handful of couches and recliners – all of which are partitioned from one another to allow for more private business conversations.

The Boeing Business Jet can easily feel like a home away from home, too, during the duration of your flight. That’s because it includes a queen-size master bedroom as well as 2 full-height showers. Meanwhile, when it is time to get down to business, you’ll find that this craft can be equipped with an assortment of efficiency tools, including  satellite teleconferencing, faxing, and more.

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CABIN HEIGHT: 78 in (2 m)

CABIN WIDTH: 157 in (4 m)

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Boeing Business Jet Performance

The Boeing Business Jet performs with many of the best private planes in its class. As such, you can expect this craft to comfortable cruise at speeds of up to 469 KTAS and at altitudes around 41,000 ft. This particular model has also been designed for flexible takeoff and landing procedures, making it possible to travel to both large and small airports. To be specific, the Boeing Business Jet only needs around 2,300 ft. to safely land.

MAX RANGE: 5,673 nm (10,506 km)

MAX CRUISE SPEED: 473 ktas (875 km/h)

MAX OPERATING ALTITUDE: 41,000 ft (12,496 m)

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