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Gulfstream GIVSP Overview

The Gulfstream GIVSP is one of the best heavy jets around when it comes to traveling with an extra-large party. With seating and space to accommodate up to 13 passengers, this will craft will ensure that you make it to your destination swiftly, dependably, and safely. This model even utilizes several modern avionic technologies to ensure your flight is as stable and comforting as possible.





Gulfstream GIVSP Interiors

One major issue for a lot of private jets is their head and leg space. The Gulfstream GIVSP solves both with its 6.1 ft. cabin height and 45.1 ft. cabin length, respectively. Within that space, you’ll find 3 sets of double-club seating and a 4-seat conference area – each of which are ideal for conducting business or simply conversing with friends. The Gulfstream GIVSP’s cabin even includes a 3-seat couch that can be shared by a few passengers or utilized for sleeping on an overnight flight.

Despite all of this on-board seating, you’ll be surprised to learn that the Gulfstream GIVSP also features a full galley. At the same time, it also provides passengers with access to a full lavatory that itself includes a functional shower. As a result, the Gulfstream GIVSP can be a great travel option if you need to hit the ground running after touchdown.

Cabin Height: 73 ft
Cabin Width: 87 ft


Max Speed548 mph
Max Range4,148 nm
Altitude45,000  ft
Seats12 (Extend up to 14)

Gulfstream GIVSP Performance

All of the Gulfstream GIVSP’s core performance metrics speak to its capability in the air. These include a 548 mph top cruising speed, which is powered by this model’s twin Rolls-Royce engines. In the same vein, this model’s streamlined form and larger-than-average fuel tank allow it to travel a remarkable 4,300 nautical miles without stopping to refuel.

This model’s cockpit also comes installed with a Honeywell SPZ-8000 avionics suite. Due to recent improvements made to this system when it comes to operation redundancies, your pilot will be better able to focus on the skies at all times. Even so, this same system keeps a watchful eye on every in-flight system at once to maximize your flights overall safety and stability.

Why Choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

Whether you’re traveling for work or for a vacation, the Gulfstream GIVSP can get you there while providing your party with excellent in-flight luxuries. When it comes time to charter this jet, be sure that Bitlux is the first name you call. We are committed to making your travels across the US and abroad a success. So, you can count on us to provide you with a reliable quote and exceptional customer service on each and every one of your upcoming trips.

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