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Global Express Overview

How did the Global Express get its name? Well, you can definitely bet that its industry leading range and top speed had a lot to do with that. Meanwhile, the Global Express’ reputation has been built on a solid appreciation for its on-board amenities and space. In other words, if you need to travel across the country or across the world with both comfort and speed, then no other heavy jet will be able to match the Global Express.






Global Express Interiors

Take one look at the Global Express’ cabin and you’ll immediately see why business travelers love to take trips on this heavy jet. First and foremost, this craft’s 2,467 cu. ft. cabin includes 185 cu. ft. of luggage storage space as well as seats for up to 16 passengers. Not only that, but this plane’s cabin is split into private sections, allowing your team to conference, converse, and relax on their own terms.

Meanwhile, some of the Global Express’ other amenities will ensure that your team feels well cared for on a long flight. For example, your passengers will be able to grab some refreshments on their own by visiting this craft’s full-sized galley. They’ll also be able to feel at ease while utilizing this jet’s private lavatory. All of these areas are very quiet as well, thanks to noise reduction components built right into the hull.

Luggage Space: 185 cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 6.2 ft
Cabin Width: 7.8 ft


Max Speed588 mph
Max Range6,226 nm
Cabin Volume2,467 cu. ft.
Altitude51,000 ft

Global Express Performance

As noted, the Global Express leads both its class and the industry when it comes to range. In fact, when flying at this jet’s 590 mph top speed, the Global Express can extend its fuel efficiency to reach a 7,077 nautical mile range. This is all made possible by a set of BMW Rolls-Royce Deutschland BR710A2-20 turbofan engines as well as newly-expanded fuel capacity system.

The Global Express also comes equipped with a modern Honeywell Primus 2000 XP II EFIS avionics suite on its flight deck. This allows your pilot to maximize your flight’s speed, range, and stability by utilizing numerous performance metrics in real time.

Why Choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

If you’re planning to travel far from home or go on a globetrotting adventure, then you’ll want to charter a Global Express jet to get you to your destination. Here at Bitlux, we can make that happen for you by calling on this or any other heavy jet in our expansive fleet. Call us for a quote today if you want to make a bespoke private air travel dream a reality for your company.

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