Falcon 20

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Falcon 20 Overview

While the Falcon 20 has been flying the skies for many decades now, it is still a reliable option for travelers who are looking to make mid-range trips at an affordable price. The Falcon 20 traces its origins back to military use in the French armed forces, so it is no surprise that it offers a solid top speed. Even its cabin offers a decent amount of space fit for small to medium-sized parties.






Falcon 20 Interiors

The Falcon 20’s cabin is fairly spacious at first glance, at least for a mid-sized jet. As such, you and up to 8 passengers will have a full 815 cu. ft. of space to call your own while traveling across the country. That includes 41 cu. ft. of on-board luggage storage, which is plenty for many business travelers. The Falcon 20’s seats are also a bit wider than average, making them comfortable over extended journeys.

Meanwhile, the Falcon 20’s interior offers passengers a few productive amenities. Chief among these is its mid-sized lavatory, which is located privately at the jet’s rear. Throughout the cabin, though, passengers will find accessible wi-fi, regardless of their destination. Many of these jet models also come with on-board entertainment systems, which are ideal for vacation and pleasure travel experiences.

Luggage Space: 41 cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 5.5 ft
Cabin Width: 6 ft


Max Speed536 mph
Max Range1,920 nm
Cabin Volume815 cu. ft.
Altitude41,000 ft
Seats8 (Extend up to 9)

Falcon 20 Performance

The Falcon 20 makes full use of its two General Electric CF7002D2 engines, which are rear-mounted on this jet’s full-cantilever wing to optimize fuel efficiency. To that end, this jet can travel around 1,800 nautical miles when traveling at its top cruising speed of around 536 mph. These elements all combine to give the Falcon 20 one of the smoothest rides for a jet of its vintage.

Why Choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

If you’re looking to travel privately while still maintaining a budget, the Falcon 20 is a great option that still provides a solid passenger experience. Bitlux can make chartering this or any other jet of interest to you easy thanks to our devoted team of seasoned aviators. We can provide you with a quote in minutes and streamline all of your business and personal travel plans going forward.

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