Hawker 800XP

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Hawker 800XP Overview

The Hawker 800XP is widely regarded as one of the British Aerospace Corporation’s most successful aircraft. Its design allows for international and transcontinental flights with a spacious conference room in the sky that can fly non-stop from Madrid to Moscow or L.A. to New York. Building upon the success of its predecessors, this jet has undergone numerous enhancements in cruise and climb speeds, runway performance, and weight limits. With increased space and more comfortable seating, the Hawker 800XP sets a high standard for up to 8 passengers to appreciate.






Hawker 800XP Interiors

The cabin of the Hawker 800XP has been redesigned to provide ample space for 8 passengers to sit and stand comfortably. It offers 723 cu. ft. of space, including multiple seating areas and a 48 cu. ft. storage area.

Typically, the cabin is configured with eight seats: a four-person club section, a three-person divan, and one forward-facing seat. The seats are fully adjustable and can swivel 360°. The cabin measures 21.3 feet long, 5.7 feet high, and 6 feet wide.

The jet features soft interior lighting for enhanced visibility and folding executive tables for business travelers to work comfortably during long flights.

Luggage Space: 48 cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 5.7 ft
Cabin Width: 6 ft


Max Speed514 mph
Max Range2,540 nm
Cabin Volume723 cu. ft.
Altitude41,000 ft
Seats8 (Extend up to 10)

Hawker 800XP Performance

The Hawker 800XP is equipped with two AlliedSignal TFE731-5BR engines, each providing 4,660 pounds of thrust at takeoff. It requires 5,032 feet of runway at sea level on a standard day, increasing to 7,952 feet at an altitude of 5,000 feet. 

When landing with four passengers, the runway requirement is reduced to 2,245 feet. In just twenty minutes, it can climb to 37,000 feet and has a range of 2,540 nautical miles. In a long-range cruise configuration, it maintains an airspeed of 462 mph at 39,000 feet, while in a high-speed cruise configuration, it reaches 514 mph at 37,000 feet.

The Hawker 800XP comes standard with the Honeywell SPZ-8000 integrated digital flight guidance system avionics suite, featuring five screens and various controls to display important flight information.

Additional Services

Throughout your flight, enjoy the conveniences of home in the forward galley of this elegant midsize aircraft. In addition to DVD entertainment, the private jet offers an Airshow 400 in-flight entertainment system.

Our additional offerings include:

  • Exquisite gourmet catering prepared in a modern galley kitchen.
  • Lavishly designed restrooms stocked with high-end toiletries.
  • Impeccable ground transportation services that ensure a seamless and luxurious experience.

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