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Global 6000 Overview

The Global 6000 is about as close as you can get to the size and performance of a standard plane while still maintaining the privacy of a jet. With a top-tier range and maximum speed, it’s no wonder why business travelers and globetrotters alike prefer the Global 6000. You may also be impressed by its numerous on-board amenities, which make a long-flight across the country or overseas feel that much more comforting.









Global 6000 Interiors

From the moment a client steps into a Global 6000, they are nothing short of impressed. The cabin size alone is astonishing – with multiple cabins, couches, club seating, wifi, and a full galley, the Global 6000 is one for the record books.

Stepping into the Global 6000’s cabin feels like stepping onto a business executive’s personal jet. In fact, many business leaders favor this particular jet for its 48 ft. cabin length, 6.25 ft. height, and 8.17 ft. width. Within all of that space, the Global 6000 provides seating for 19 passengers. Those seats are comfortable and supportive as well, allowing you to enjoy them even over a long-distance flight.

Compared to previous iterations of the same jet, the Global 6000 features a larger baggage storage area that won’t force your party members to cut down on their baggage. Also, the Global 6000 keeps you connected no matter where your travels take you. With on-board high speed wi-fi, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite entertainment channels while in transit.

Cabin Height: 6 ft
width 1
Cabin Width: 7.8 ft


Max Speed580 mph
Max Range6,149 nm
Cabin Volume cu. ft.
Altitude51,000 ft

Global 6000 Performance

The Global 6000’s twin Rolls Royce BR710A2-20 turbofan engines are well-known in the industry for being among the quietest. In fact, you’ll hardly hear them within the cabin, even while the craft is cruising at a swift 513 mph. The Global 6000 can also climb to 51,000 ft., which makes it particularly able to avoid weather that would otherwise slow your flight down.

You can count on your flight with the Global 6000 to be exceptionally stable as well, thanks to this model’s utilization of an advanced Enhanced Vision System. This allows your pilot to maintain visibility at all times, even during turbulence.

Why Choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

Whether you’re looking for a large-capacity private jet like the Global 6000 or something a little smaller, Bitlux can help you charter it affordably. Our team is committed to working with you to make your dreams of comfortable private air travel a reality. Call us today and we can get you a quote for the Global 6000, as well as any of the other high-performance craft in our fleet.

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