Challenger 605

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Challenger 605 Overview

The Challenger 605 is a well-respected aircraft, especially in the heavy jet class. Many consider it to be the premier business jet available today based upon its comfortable seating options and spacious amenities. The Challenger 605’s speed and range also make it a top performer, even among jets of a comparable size and in a comparable price range.






Challenger 605 Interiors

In two words, you might describe the Challenger 605’s interior as both spacious and luxurious. On the first count, this jet has 1,232 cu. ft. of space to offer in its interior. That massive amount of space is occupied by 11 ergonomic seats that far exceed all other jets when it comes to comfort. The Challenger 605’s cabin also includes 205 cu. ft. of luggage storage space, which is more than enough for most business or vacation travel parties.

The Challenger 605 also has some slight improvements over other models in the Challenger 600 series. For example, its windows are set slightly lower on the hull, allowing for easier views outward without catching excessive glare. Though you won’t see it, this model’s cabin also utilizes an innovative sound dampening technology so that you’re never bothered by the roar of the plane’s engines while in flight.

Luggage Space: 205  cu. ft.
Cabin Height: 4.10 ft
Cabin Width: 5.0 ft


Max Speed513 mph
Max Range4,000 nm
Altitude30,000 ft
Seats11 (Extend up to 12)

Challenger 605 Performance

When it comes to performance, the Challenger 605 is also a leader in its class. Just take this model’s range, for example. This jet is capable of traveling a remarkable 4,000 nautical miles on a single tank of fuel, which really speaks to its operational efficiency. At the same time, this jet can reach speeds of up to 513 mph, which is impressive for a jet of its size.

Also, you may be impressed to learn that the Challenger 605 utilizes a Honeywell Laseref V IRS. Your pilot will be able to utilize this system to keep close tabs on your flight’s performance and make adjustments throughout. This ensures that you are always safe and on time, even when the weather turns bad.

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