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Charter Private Jets to or From California

California, the golden state of the US, is famous for its geographical offerings, diverse culture, vibrant cities, and many tourist attractions. As the third largest and most bustling state of the US, California attracts tourists from all over the world, making it a big hassle to fly in and out of California via commercial flights. This is where Bitlux steps in by providing seamless access and departure through private jet charters in California.

Charter A Private Jet to Fly Out of California Easily

At Bitlux, we offer cutting-edge, high-tech private jet charters to travel out of California easily, efficiently, and conveniently. Whether you need a light private jet for local travel or a heavy private jet for intercontinental destinations, we aim to simplify the planning of your journey to ensure a seamless experience.

Private Jet Airports in and Around California

California boasts a number of private jet airports, which makes it easier for you to travel in and around California effortlessly. There are three major airports in California, and when you fly with Bitlux, you can get access to all the premium services and luxury amenities offered by their FBOs. We have mentioned the basic details of the top private jet airports below to help you choose the most ideal one according to your preferences:

  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX, KLAX): With unparalleled amenities and modern facilities, Los Angeles International Airport is the largest airport in California. It has 2 terminals and 4 runways with modern world aviation facilities, making it perfect for private jet travelers especially those who want to land to or take off from near California’s beautiful beaches. The private jets at LAX are served by two Fixed-Base Operators (FBO), Signature Aviation and Atlantic Aviation, which offer top-notch amenities and services such as ramp side access,VIP Lounges, catering services, and luxury ground transportation. We work together with these FBOsso that Bitlux customers receive the best possible services everytime they fly in or out of LAX.
  • Van Nuys Airport (VNY, KVNY): Located in Los Angeles, California, Van Nuys Airport is among the most popular private jet airports as well as the busiest general aviation airport in South California. The airport has an FFA tower, 2 runways, one passenger terminal, and nonstop bus services, making it the most ideal option for private jet travelers. It has six FBOs: Signature Aviation, Clay Lacy Aviation, Jet Aviation, Castle & Cooke Aviation, the Park VNY, and Signature Flight Support. The FBOs offer various services, including ground transportation, catering, in-flight connectivity, private meeting rooms, etc. that you can avail any time you need them.
  • John Wayne Orange County Airport (SNA, KSNA): On the south of Santa Ana in Irvine, John Wayne Orange County Airport is the perfect departure or arrival airport to visit the beautiful California beaches and the other major attractions. It provides exceptional services for private jet travelers by offering priority boarding, complimentary chauffeur service, and dedicated flight attendants. It has 2 runways and two FBOs with luxury terminals, refreshments, baggage handling, transportation arrangements, and lounge facilities. Bitlux is tied up with these FBOs to ensure our clients receive top-level experience and support every time they fly with us.

Baker and Hall Airport (77CL / 77 CL)

Santa Monica Airport (KSMO / SMO)

Fresno Yosemite International Airport (KFAT / FAT)

Woodlake Airport (O42 / O42)

Hollywood Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR, KBUR)

Visalia Municipal Airport (KVIS / VIS)

Hanford Municipal Airport (KHJO / HJO)

Yosemite Hidden Ranch Lake Airport (0CL0 / 0CL0)

Madera Municipal Airport (KMAE / MAE)

Reeves Field Nass Airport (KNLC / KNLC)

Corcoran Airport (KCRO / KCRO)

Salyer Farms Airport (24CL / 24CL)

Westlake Farms Airport (92CA / 92CA)

Mendota Airport (KM90 / M90)

Porterville Municipal Airport (KPTV / PTV)

Mariposa- Yosemite Airport (KMPI / MPI)

New Coalinga Municipal Airport (KC80 / C80)

Hollister Municipal Airport (K3O7 / 3O7)

Mammoth Yosemite Airport (KMMH / MMH)

Independence Airport (K2O7 / 2O7)

Macready Municipal Field Airport (KMCE / MCE)

Eastern Sierra Regional Airport (KBIH / BIH)

LA/Ontario International Airport (ONT, KONT)

Delano Municipal Airport (KDLO / DLO)

Bonanza Hill Airport (34CN / 34CN)

Cashen Airport (38CA / 38CA)

Castle Airport (KMER / MER)

Lone Pine Airport (O26 / O26)

El Rico Airport (68CA / 68 CA)

Wasco- Kern County Airport (KL19/ L19)

Lee Vining Airport (K2O4 / O24)

Blackwell Land Company Inc Airport (36CN / 36CN)

Long Beach Airport (LGB / KLGB)

Bob Hope Airport (BUR / KBUR)

Aircraft Available to Fly Out of California

Bitlux has an outstanding fleet of high-quality aircrafts ready to take you out of California while offering a seamless and smooth journey. Our expert team will work with you to choose the right aircraft, taking into account important factors like distance, passenger capacity, and budget. By chartering a private jet charter, you can avoid long lines, congested airports, and all of the other inconveniences that come with flying commercial.

Here are some of the popular private jet options that you can opt for at Bitlux while taking off from California:

Cost of Chartering Private Jet Out of California

Private Charter prices for flying out of California depend on aircraft type, flight duration, and any other extra services that may be needed. At Bitlux, we offer competitive rates while ensuring top-quality, high safety, and all luxury amenities.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the expected costs for common California routes:

Flight Route Aircraft Type Avg. Flight Duration Seating Capacity Estimated Price Range
California to Teterboro Midsize jet 6 hours 11 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $45,000 – $58,800
Super Midsize Jet 5 hours 5 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $47,850 – $62,550
Heavy Jet 5 hours 8 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $56,700 – $76,750
California to Palm Beach Fl Midsize jet 5 hours 59 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $43,450 – $56,750
Super Midsize Jet 4 hours 53 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $46,000 – $60,100
Heavy Jet 4 hours 57 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $54,700 – $74,000
California to Dallas Light Jet 2 hours 49 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $18,850 – $24,600
Super Midsize Jet 2 hours 35 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $24,300 – $31,800
Heavy Jet 2 hours 37 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $28,900 – $39,100

The values presented are approximate and liable to change depending on the specifics of your trip. However, this serves as a reasonable indication of what the expected pricing would be.

Chartering Private Plane to California

California, the Golden State of the USA, is a captivating destination offering everything from sandy beaches and stunning coastlines to dense forests and sprawling deserts. It boasts a number of cities that offer top tourist attractions, including Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate Bridge, Universal Studios Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, and many more.

Besides tourism, California’s diverse economy includes industries like entertainment, technology, aerospace, biotechnology, etc., making it a popular travel destination for businessmen and industrialists. Bitlux offers private jet charters to top California airports, providing you with a seamless and convenient travel experience. When you avail our private aviation services, our experienced team will attend to all of your demands, ensuring that your private jet experience is comfortable and delightful.

Cost of Chartering Private Jet to California

Similar to flying out of California, the cost of chartering a private jet to California also depends on factors such as aircraft type, flight duration, seasonal demand, and other additional services. The pricing for remote regions often displays full fare due to the increased complications and expenses of organizing flights to less accessible areas. However, we can help you get some discounts on popular destinations and routes during certain times of the year.

Here is an estimated cost breakdown for flying into California with Bitlux private jet charters:

Flight Route Aircraft Type Avg. Flight Duration Seating Capacity Estimated Price Range
New York to California Midsize jet 6 hours 13 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $45,300 – $59,150
Super Midsize Jet 5 hours 7 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $48,200 – $62,950
Heavy Jet 5 hours 11 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $57,300 – $77,500
Las Vegas to California Light Jet 24 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $9,250 – $12,100
Super Midsize Jet 22 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $12,750 – $17,250
Denver to California Midsize jet 1 hour 41 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $21,350 – $27,900
Heavy Jet 1 hour 39 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $23,300 – $30,450
Light jet 1 hour 48 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $21,050 – $27,550
Scottsdale to California Light Jet 50 minutes 6 – 8 passengers $9,750 – $12,750
(Estimated price before taxes & fees)
Super Midsize Jet 46 minutes 8 – 10 passengers $12,750 – $17,250
(Estimated price before taxes & fees)
Heavy Jet 46 minutes 10 – 16 passengers $14,100 – $18,450
(Estimated price before taxes & fees)

The given figures are just estimates for flying to California. The actual price may vary depending on where you are flying from, what plane you use, and other specifics of your trip.

Why Fly with Bitlux Private Jet Charter to or From California?

  • ARG/US Certification: We are among the 38 companies worldwide to have been awarded this esteemed certification, which proves our unwavering dedication to excellence.
  • Unparalleled ServiceOur finest private jet charter service and operational excellence set us apart from the industry. This has earned us a satisfied and loyal customer base in the US and globally.
  • Secure Payments: We stand out as a private jet company that accepts cryptocurrency payments to enhance convenience and security.
  • Industry ExpertiseWith decades of experience, we take pride in making our clients’ travels easy by offering complete support and worry-free experience.


Private jet travel is all about time optimization and a hassle-free journey. However, Bitlux offers a range of VIP airport services and on-demand catering to enhance your private jet experience. We work with you to ensure that all your needs and preferences are met on time and in the best way possible.


Bitlux has an excellent safety record, and our team offers the highest level of safety for our clients. To ensure safety, our team regularly receives rigorous audits from some of the world’s most prestigious aviation safety organizations.


At Bitlux, we have FAA-certified pilots who pass the highest safety standards, such as Wyvern Wingman and ARG/US Trip Cheq passes. Our crew members are audited regularly for safety, health, and even off-clock training.


Our fleet of private jets is equipped with luxurious amenities to enhance comfort and enjoyment. You can sit back and relax on cushioned seats as well as enjoy delicious cuisines via on-demand catering and have an unparalleled travel experience.

Private Jet Options for Traveling to or From California


With a combination of fuel efficiency, reliability, and versatility, Turboprops are the best choice for short regional trips, remote destinations, and places with shorter runways. Turboprop private jets vary in size and capabilities, ranging from small jets with a passenger capacity of 3-4 people to large jets that can accommodate 10-11 people. This private jet type is both efficient and comfortable to let you experience luxury travel at an affordable cost. Some popular turboprop private jets include the TBM 930, King Air 350, and Pilatus PC-12.

Light Jets

Lightsize private jets are the perfect choice for short to medium-haul flights as they can travel 1,500 nautical miles at a time without refueling. They have a passenger capacity of 4-7 people, making them best for corporate travel, personal use, and air taxi services to nearby destinations. They feature luxury amenities such as comfortable seating, on-demand catering, Wi-Fi connectivity, and dedicated customer care to make your journey seamless and enjoyable. The Hawker 400XP, Citation CJ3, and Citation Ultra are light jets available for the California charter.

Midsize Jets

Midsize Jets are the most popular option for traveling between different US states without any refueling or layover. They possess a passenger capacity of 8 people and can cover a range of 3000 nautical miles making it best for short trips that can be covered in 2 hours time. The presence of separate private meeting rooms, modern technology, and in-flight amenities for conducting business meetings make them the best for business travelers. The most popular midsize private jets are Learjet 60, Hawker 800XP, Citation Excel, Learjet 60, and Falcon 20.

Heavy Jets

If you are planning to embark on an inter-continental trip, heavy private jets are the ideal solution for you. They are king size private jets with a passenger capacity of 12-13 people and a range of 5000 nautical miles, allowing them to travel continuously for 12-14 hours without refueling. Their larger cabin ceiling, which rises nearly six feet, provides unparalleled comfort, and their separate cabins level up your privacy for important tasks or leisure time. They are perfect for leisure tourists who want to explore another continent, as well as business travelers who want to maximize their productivity while flying. Some popular choices for heavy jets include Legacy 600, Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream GIVSP, Legacy 650, and Falcon 900.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to consider some important factors, including passenger count, distance to be traveled, and your budget. Heavy jets are ideal for long-distance travel, whereas light or midsize jets can serve the purpose of domestic travel. In the same way, for fewer passengers, light jets can serve the purpose, whereas heavy jets are required for 10 – 14 people. 

Immerse in the diverse range of on-demand catering tailored to your taste and preferences. You can get quick access to a wide range of fresh gourmet delicacies during the flight and satisfy your taste buds. Note that there are certain private jet types that have kitchen space limitations. Therefore, make sure to get all the information on catering and submit your requirements before chartering your private jet to or from California.

More than just luxury, flying private offers convenience and the opportunity to save time by avoiding tiresome long lineups for security, check-in, baggage check, connecting flights, or layovers. By chartering a private jet charter, you can reach your destination directly without any layovers, therefore reducing your trip time and enhancing your experience.

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