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Falcon 8X Overview

If you’re looking for a modern business jet with great range and performance, you’ll find it right here in the Falcon 8X. Made by the French engineers at Dassault Aviation, this circa-2014 aircraft improves upon the Falcon 7X by adding to its overall capacity to carry large parties and their luggage. Whether traveling a short or long distance, the Falcon 8X will certainly make that flight a luxurious experience.

Falcon 8X Interior

4 of the King Air 90’s 7 on-board seats are arranged in a club-seat configuration, while another 2 seats are positioned towards the rear of the craft. Depending on the circumstances, a 7th passenger can then sit beside the pilot in the cockpit. Each seat is designed with comfort in mind, with the ability to recline and access to nearby cupholders.

For passengers’ convenience, the King Air 90 features a partial lavatory at the plane’s tail end. It includes a privacy curtain that separates the lavatory space from the rest of the cabin. Various improvements have also been made to the cabin’s interior to decrease noise generated by the plane’s engines and propellers.

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Falcon 8X Performance

Thanks to several noteworthy aerodynamic improvements, the Falcon 8X is able to travel more efficiently and over longer distances without needing to refuel. In fact, this craft offers a remarkable range of 6,450 nautical miles. That’s almost double what a standard private jet can achieve!

The Falcon 8X’s internal wing architecture also plays into its fuel efficiency by reducing drag noticeably. This, in addition to a larger fuselage, allows the Falcon 8X to make multiple long-distance trips non-stop.

MAX RANGE: 6,450 miles


MAX OPERATING ALTITUDE: 30,000 ft (9,144 m)

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