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Fondly known as the G6, Gulfstream G650’s unmatched speed and ultra-long range make transcontinental meetings business as usual! Take off and land with precise clockwork timing as you run your business in your unique style. Turn the entire globe into your playground and the sky into your workspace with the unparalleled comfort and sophistication of the Gulfstream G650. 

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Gulfstream G650

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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Gulfstream G650



BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Gulfstream G650



Gulfstream G650 Interiors

Step into the Gulfstream G650, and you’ll think you’ve walked into the future. Its plush, spacious cabins are where luxury meets utility. With a cabin size of 2,138 cu. ft. in total, this cabin also has a devoted conference room space with 4 seats of its own, it’s like bringing your office into the clouds. The cabin of the Gulfstream G650 offers versatile seating and sleeping configurations. For optimal passenger comfort, the cabin can accommodate up to nineteen seats.

Alternatively, for a maximum sleeping arrangement, the cabin can comfortably accommodate ten passengers. The spacious baggage compartment provides ample storage space of 195 cubic feet, catering to all the passengers' needs. Outfitted with leather, the seats offer heating options, reclining features, and plenty of legroom. The 16 signature cabin windows measuring 28 inches by 20.5 inches, create an inviting atmosphere suitable for both business and relaxation.

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Gulfstream G650

Luggage Space: 195 cu. ft.

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Gulfstream G650

Cabin Width: 88 in (2.2 M)

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7 | Gulfstream G650

Cabin Height: 74 in (1.8 M)

BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Gulfstream G650


Max Speed

710 mph

Max Range

7000 nm

Cabin Volume

2,138 cu. ft.


51,000 ft



Gulfstream G650 Performance

The Gulfstream G650 is renowned for its ability to fly intercontinentally without refueling. With an impressive range of over 7,000 nautical miles, this jet offers seamless global travel. In March 2013, the G-650 set a record for the fastest civilian aircraft flight between Melbourne and Abu Dhabi – total time in the air was 13 hours and 5 minutes. Notably, it can reach a maximum top speed of 710 mph in ideal weather conditions, ensuring swift arrival at your destination.

Inside the cockpit, the Gulfstream G650 is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and flight management equipment. This includes advanced systems like the EVS II and Planeview II technology, working synergistically to provide pilots with comprehensive information about the aircraft’s condition, even during turbulent flights.

Additional Services

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the conference rooms of the G650 provide an ideal setting for business meetings. Stay connected with high-speed Wi-Fi and state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. Unwind in plush leather seats that can be heated and fully reclined for a comfortable sleep, and offer ample legroom for relaxation. The Gulfstream G650 is a luxurious aircraft offering the comfort and amenities of a top-notch hotel for the sophisticated traveler.

These include:

  • Customizable gourmet catering and a sophisticated galley kitchen.
  • Individual screens and top-notch sound systems for quality work or play.
  • Spacious lavatories equipped with luxurious toiletries.
  • Comfortable and convenient ground transportation services.
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Why choose Bitlux Private Charter Services?

Choosing to fly with Bitlux means choosing an elevated travel experience that combines comfort, luxury, and efficiency. As an industry leader, Bitlux understands that private air travelers require more than just a flight - they crave an experience, and which is why we curate them with utmost care. Here are four reasons why Bitlux should be your preferred choice:

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Superior Customer Service

Bitlux has a reputation for offering personalized, around-the-clock service, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is tailored to your preferences.


Safety and Security

With Bitlux, safety isn’t an afterthought - it’s a priority. All aircraft are meticulously maintained and flown by highly experienced pilots.


Global Coverage

Bitlux’s extensive network spans the globe, enabling you to fly to your desired destination with ease.


Luxurious Amenities

From gourmet catering services to onboard entertainment systems, Bitlux provides a luxurious environment that rivals any 5-star hotel.

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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Gulfstream G650
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