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King Air 350 Overview

The King Air 350 is an executive turboprop plane designed as an improvement on the popular King Air 300. First manufactured back in 1991 by Hawker Beechcraft, this aircraft remains a popular pick among travelers looking to seat up to 9 people with a moderate amount of baggage. In fact, with 71 cu. ft. of baggage space, each passenger will have room to bring what they need on your next trip.

King Air 350 Interior

The King Air 350 interior is about 3 feet longer than its predecessor, making it easier than ever for a full team of 9 passengers to feel comfortable throughout the flight. Seats inside the King Air 350 are arranged into a double club style arrangement, with worktables between each seat pair. Two more side-by-side seats are located near the cockpit, while another two seats are located at the cabin’s rear.

This craft’s interior also features a private lavatory and built-in refreshment center, which allow your family and guests to take to the skies with comfortable amenities. Also, the King Air 350’s extended length provides space for an additional 2 windows towards its tail end. As a result, more of your passengers can enjoy a coveted window seat while in the air.

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King Air 350 Performance

The King Air 350 provides an above-average performance under ideal conditions. This includes a 2,300 nautical mile range, making it ideal for traveling moderate to long distances. This is made possible by this plane’s twin Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60A engines, which combined can power this craft to a swift cruising speed of 310 MPH. Meanwhile, your pilot will be able to keep a close eye on every aspect of your flight’s performance via the plane’s Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite.

You’ll also have added flexibility when it comes to landing in a King Air 350. That’s because this model’s dual-wheel main landing gear allows it to touchdown comfortably and come to a stop rapidly. In fact, this craft is rated to stop safely on landing strips as short as 3,300 feet in length.

MAX RANGE: 2,300 miles


MAX OPERATING ALTITUDE: 30,000 ft (9,144 m)

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