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15 Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Private Jet Company

There are so many reasons to choose a private jet company for your personal or business travel.  Recently, concerns regarding public health may drive more and more customers into the private air travel market.  No matter if it’s your first private flight or your 100th,...

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Best Private Airports

Top Private Jet Airports in the USA

Top Private Jet Airports in the United States One of the benefits of private jet travel is the extensive selection of airports these nimble, yet powerful, aircrafts are able to safely negotiate. While utilizing major international airports and commercial hubs, many discreet and discerning private jet...

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Differences of Wet Leasing vs. Dry Leasing an Aircraft

The world of private aircrafts is an interesting one, full of unique business models and opportunities. One such opportunity is the possibility of leasing a private jet from the owner. Leasing offers value to both the lessee and the lessor, affording budget-minded businesses and individuals the...

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Top 10 Presidential Aircraft in the World 2020

Leaders and dignitaries around the world frequently travel the globe, visiting other nations for important meetings, humanitarian efforts, governmental business and more. But they don’t travel on the same types of aircraft you or I do. They fly the skies in presidential aircraft uniquely designed and...

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Different Types Of Jet AirCraft

The world of private jets is full of variations, makes and models each uniquely engineered and designed to fulfill specific roles. From small, nimble jets, ideal for short-range travel, to massive executive airliners outfitted with private bedrooms and capable of international flights, this guide will explore...

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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Private Jet for a Day?

Celebrities, athletes, businessmen (and women), and the discerning elite all enjoy flying the skies on private jets, zipping from one location to the next in style, comfort and luxury. But have you ever wondered what it would cost to rent a private jet for a day? If...

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