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Beijing is the heart of China and is one of the top choices of destinations for tourists to visit. 


The city boasts ancient architecture alongside modern technological feats. For the last 800 years, Beijing has been the core of China’s economic, political and cultural sector.

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There are dozens of world-renowned attractions within the city, that attract people from all across the world. The Forbidden City is one of those attractions. 


The Forbidden City is the largest imperial palace in the world, with 9,999 rooms and a moat that surrounds the complex. For 500 years, the Forbidden City complex has been used as the administrative center for the whole of China. 


The Great Wall of China is one of the ‘eight wonders of the world’ as is listed in the World Heritage Directory. Bringing in thousands of visitors every day, the Great Wall is an immense wall that was built to prevent invaders. 


The wall is so large that is spans five provinces. If you are interested in architecture and history, then the Great Wall is a must-see destination. 


If you are more interested in modern sight-seeing and high-end shopping, then Beijing has one of the most coveted fashion districts in China. 


Beijing is full of luxury shopping malls, which boasts some of the biggest names in high-end fashion.

Traveling to and from Beijing

For people looking to travel to or from Beijing for business or leisure, then the importance of comfortability and privacy should come first. 


When traveling across vast distances such as New York to Beijing, then a private charter jet is the best option for comfortability, privacy and security.


Private charter jets travel to Beijing from across the world every day. The most common type of jet in Beijing are mid-size jets. 


The mid-size jet is designed for groups of 7-10 passengers traveling from other cities across Asia. Mid-size jets are capable of traveling around 3,000 nautical miles and do not need to make refueling stops. 


The top picks for midsize jets are the Citation X, Hawker 800XP, and Learjet 60


Fortunately, the airports surrounding Beijing are large enough to facilitate most midsize jets. If you are traveling in a group larger than 10 for business, then BitLux suggests a super-midsize jet instead. 


The super-midsize jet is more comfortable than a light jet but cannot land on some runways due to its large size. We suggest turning to the Hawker 1000, Challenger 300, and Legacy 450 for super-midsize jets. 


Some midsize and super-midsize jets even have beds and sofas that convert to pull out beds. If you are looking to charter a smaller jet, then a light jet is ideal. 


These are typically small enough to land on any runway, with a maximum capacity of 7 passengers and a range around 1,500 nautical miles. However, if you are looking to travel from South Asia, then a light jet may need multiple refueling stops which extend the journey time. 


We recommend these aircraft as top choices of light jet: Citation Bravo, Citation CJ3 and Hawker 400XP. These light jets are made with privacy, comfort and speed in mind.

For groups larger than 10, then a large jet will be needed. 


If you are traveling across multiple continents, then a large jet will be needed. Our favorite large/heavy jets are the Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream G-IVSP and the Challenger 604.


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Private Jet Sizes and Terminals

In Beijing, there two main airports that you can charter jets from.


The largest and most popular airports in the city are:

• Beijing Nanyuan Airport (NAY, ZBNY)

• Capital International Airport (PEK, ZBAA)


These airports are large enough to facilitate jets of all sizes and capacity. You can charter jets on-demand in Beijing at these airports at any time of day, across the whole year.


The Capital International Airport is located 20 minutes from the main city center, which makes it very convenient to arrive and depart from. 

The Capital City of Beijing

From the months of September to November, Beijing is incredibly busy, with millions of tourists going to the city to experience its unique culture.


Beijing is often associated with business and finance due to China’s main financial district (Beijing Finance Street) being located in the heart of the city. 


Not forgetting, families from across the world visit Beijing to see attractions such as the Chaoyang Park and Art Zone. 


Many charter jets travel in and out of the city, some for business meetings and others are for families on vacation. 


Beijing is one of the most visited cities in China and the world for that matter, bringing in 140 million yearly tourists. Beijing is rated as the best city to visit in China. 


This can be attributed to the many attractions and spectacles that were mentioned above. It shouldn’t come as a surprise just how popular the city is with international tourists and Chinese tourists alike. 


The city of Beijing is a 2-hour flight away from Shanghai and the average stay in Beijing is 5 days.

Facts about Beijing, China

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BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Private Jet Charter in or to Beijing China



BitLux | Global Private Jet Charter | 24/7|Private Jet Charter in or to Beijing China



Beijing is the most popular city in China in terms of tourist attractions and international visitors. The city brings in a variety of tourists, from people attending business meetings and events, to families looking for a leisurely vacation. 


Regardless of what you are traveling for, private jets will always remain the most secure way to travel with your privacy as the main priority. 


The tedious parts of traveling on commercial airlines are taken away when flying on a charter jet. 


This means that TSA check and bag check-in are not carried out by the passenger like in a commercial airport. 


You’re bags will be loaded onto the aircraft whilst you wait in the private hangar of the airport. With our elite service, your bags will be removed from the aircraft once you have safely landed at your destination.

At BitLux, we guarantee our clients will receive the highest quality in-flight service when traveling on one of our charter jets. 


We offer a globally recognized safety standard to all areas of your travel, cohesion between transfers, and the best industry practices.


Clients are also able to customize their in-flight options to ensure maximum enjoyment and efficiency when traveling with us. 


Our team of highly-trained staff take great pride in being some of the most experienced individuals in the aviation industry.

BitLux Charter Jets in Beijing, China

Our mission at BitLux is to produce a service that exceeds all client expectations and cater to the needs of everyone individually.


Our in-flight crew are trained to work with pets, so your pets are welcomed to all of our flights.


Once landed, your pets are safely disembarked with the other passengers.


Your in-flight options are saved with us so you never have to tell us twice what features you want your jet to offer.


BitLux brings joy to flying, enabling passengers to experience the true pinnacle of private aviation with us.

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